21st century world is all about investing in the best machines possible that, besides looking good, also add comfort to your life. Whenever there is a discussion about adding comfort in the modern life and that, too, on a regular level, vehicles are given prime value. Not only your class and prestige is now judged and guesstimated on the basis of the vehicle you own but it also has a role to play in bringing ease to your life and making it fast enough to help you progress with a pace of the modern world.

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While we are ready to face the fact that not everyone can afford a luxury vehicle, we also believe that, ‘If you dream for something, there is no power on earth that can keep your from achieving it’. Keeping this mind at the back of our minds, we have complied a list of some of the well-known vehicles that hit many minds when they hear the phrase Best luxury sedan.   

Luxury sedans that are under the lime light
The automobiles that we will be covering here below are repeatedly being discussed and making headlines in the world of car news. The purpose behind specifically focusing only on these luxury sedans is driven by their fresh arrival in the market. Knowing about the main features of these sedans will surely help our readers in deciding the one that they should start saving for. Without further ado and with a hope that you find your dream vehicle right away, here is a list of our top favorite modern luxury sedans:

1- BMW 750
Even the fact that it has been a while since this sedan was introduced to the buyers could not stop us from placing it at the top. 750 is literally the Best Luxury Sedan one can get in the year 2020. The newer models produced between the year 2017 and the year 2019 come with added benefits and make this sedan something out of this world. With its impressive build, this luxurious vehicle has a range of features to offer. Some of the most notable of its offerings are as follows:

Twin-Turbo 4.4L V8 Engine With  445 HP
8-Speed Fully Automatic Transmission
Goes From 0-60 In 4.3 Seconds
All Wheel Drive With Front Engine 
2+2 Power-Adjustable Leather Seating
Rear Sunshade With Panorama Roof
Auto Emergency Brake’s System In The 2019 Model

2- 2018 Cadillac CT6
You must have heard praises of this one or read about its exceptionalities in all those car news. Thanks to its futuristic designing and technology, the Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan is here to stay for a long time. Assisting the drivers with its hands-free driving innovation, this sedan is also a must-have for long-drive lover with its 34-speaker system that is nothing but amazing. Here are some of the most notable features of this sedan:

3.6L V6 Engine With 335 HP 
8-Speed Shift Able Automatic Transmission
18/27 Mpg Of Mileage 
All Wheel Drive 
5 Leather Trimmed Seats With Massage And Heating Facility 
Innovative Infotainment And Security Features

3- Mercedes Benz S550
You must have heard of this newly introduced luxury sedan that has lately been a source of great profit and prestige for its already well-reputed makers. Anyone looking forward to buy a sedan that has both a touch of class with a dash of funkiness in it is strongly recommended to check this extra-ordinary vehicle out. We suggest you go with its full-size 2017 model that comes with a wide range of exceptional features and is just as good as any other futuristic sedan in a price way higher than that of the Benz S550. Here are some of out most favorite and the most notable highlights of this luxury sedan:

A 4.7L Twin-Turbo Premium V8 Engine With 449 HP
4.7 L / 285 Of Displacement
Fully Automatic Engine Transmission
Rear Wheel
Panoramic Dual Moonroof And Sunroof
5 Seater With Heated Leather Trimmed Adjustable Seats
System For Air Purification And Fragrance
Essentially Advances Control And Infotainment System With Two Display Screens
All The Innovative And Essential Safety Features
Geo-Fencing Facility Available

4- Audi A7
Even when the A8 model by Audi has made it more successfully to the car news, we think of its A7 2019 sedan as the best luxury sedan to be introduced by the manufacturers in the modern times. Even when it does not classify completely under the Sedan category, we still urge you to think of it as one because of the sleek coupe-ness that is nothing makes it look like a perfect blend of two. The most favorite part of many about this vehicle is its designing with the elaborate LEDs that make its sleekness more than just visible. Here are the features of this beautifully designed luxury car that can make you go crazy for it:

A 4.0L Twin-Turbo Premium V8 Engine With 560 HP
All-wheel drive
Fully automatic 8 speed transmission
4.0 L / 244
Brake assistance and air bags for added safety
2+2 spacious rear and front seater
Power windows

5- Porsche Panamera
Porsche is not a brand unknown to anyone and when it comes to luxury in vehicles, no one other than Porsche can offer it better. With its multiple versions introduced between the year 2017 and the year 2019, the Panamera is in no way lesser than any other luxury sedan in this list. Having two models, an S Panamera and a Turbo Panamera, we suggest you go for the latter because of the added features it has to offer. Here are some of the most distinguishing features of this one for you to droll over:

Twin-Turbo 4.0 L V8 Engine With 550 HP
PASM Activated
Panoramic Sun/Moonroof
Power Adjustable And Heating Assisted Leather Seating
Innovative Infotainment And Security Features
Spacious Cargo Area

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