There’s nothing better than having the freedom to take a trip whenever you feel like it. Don’t worry about booking hotel rooms or travelling long distances in a cramped car. You don’t need to stress about luggage allowances or waiting times at the airport. With your own motorhome, you can enjoy a trip to a new destination at a moment’s notice or visit old favourites. And with your motorhome you always have a safe base to return to at the end of a busy day.

But buying a motorhome is a substantial investment. Make sure you get the right vehicle for your needs and make the best choice by following these Hymer motorhomes Scotland tips. Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Difference Between a Motorhome and a Campervan

A motorhome is very different to a campervan. A campervan provides a more basic camping experience and fewer amenities; the interior space is mainly comprised of a bed that folds away into a chair, a small cooking stove and no bathroom. A motorhome provides greater comfort and more facilities, including more berths, added seating, and often a bathroom. A campervan is smaller and easier to manoeuvre in cities and small spaces. But a motorhome is more comfortable on longer journeys. 

Choose between the two types of vehicle by considering your needs and preferences. There may be a price difference between the different vehicles, but you can easily find a budget motorhome or a more expensive and luxurious campervan. 

2. Whether to Buy New or Used

A new motorhome can be easily customised to your exact requirements. You have a choice of trim or beds, for example, or you can pick and choose your seating arrangements and your window coverings. With a used vehicle you must work with what is already installed. Brand new motorhomes also come with a lengthy warranty so you don’t need to worry about costly repairs or inconvenient breakdowns. Used motorhomes are cheaper and can be much more economical if you are on a budget. Many motorhomes hold their value extremely well and you can find a vehicle in excellent condition even with many miles on the clock. 

3. The Best Brands

Popular brands of motorhomes include Hymer, the German brand with an excellent reputation for delivering some of the highest quality vehicles for leisure purposes. You’ll also find Auto-Trail, Burstner, and Concorde. With plenty of choice, you’ll find something that meets your budget needs. 

4. Fuel Efficiency

Take the fuel efficiency of a motorhome into consideration before you make your final purchase choice. It may make a difference if you plan on taking lots of long trips throughout the year. Fuel efficiency varies depending on the class of motorhome, the weight and the brand. Also consider whether you will be towing another vehicle and the types of roads on which you will drive. 

5. Vehicle Size

The size of the motorhome affects not only the price and the fuel efficiency but also the manoeuvrability and how easy it is to park. It goes without saying that if you have insufficient space on your driveway in which to park your van, it will quickly become a burden.