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Contrary to popular belief, utility trucks aren’t just for contracting companies and utility providers. There are thousands of privately-owned utility trucks on the road and even more that are employer-owned. Whether you own your utility truck, or your employer has given you the go-ahead to customize your work vehicle, there are numerous ways to upgrade your truck from basic to fine-tuned.

There are many different advantages to upgrading your truck’s engine, accessories, or storage systems (with improved performance biggest the main one). Most vehicle owners tend to hire a company specializing in custom utility trucks, which is what we also recommend, but you can also do a lot of the work yourself (all you need to do is order the proper parts online).

Granted, for most contractors or business owners, time is limited, which means that hiring a company that does custom utility work full-time is probably your best bet. Regardless of what specific type of upgrade you want to be done, or which type of customization feature you’re interested in, below are some common examples of ways that you can enhance your utility truck’s looks, performance, and durability. 

Upgrading Your Storage Capabilities 

The number one thing that most utility truck drivers desire is increased storage space. You can never have enough space for more tools and equipment, and luckily there are several different ways that you can take your truck’s storage system from minimal to impressive. 

If you’re on the job and can’t find a certain tool (because your truck doesn’t have the proper level of storage space), that can cost you money. Remember, time is money, especially when it comes to being on the job. Not being able to swiftly identify and find your tools in your own work truck can spell disaster on the job site. 

Not having an organized, customized storage system can make all the difference when you’re working, and that’s exactly why you should look into customizing your truck’s storage system (before you do anything else).

Enhancing Your Utility Truck Bed

If you’ve been around trucks for any amount of time, you probably realize that there are several different manufacturers out there who produce a quality product (when it comes to customized bed solutions) - but the problem comes down to knowing which product to actually go with. The easiest way to answer this question is by understanding what your specific needs are. 

What will you be using your truck for the most? What type of work do you use your truck for? Do you need flat space, vertical storage racks, etc.? Knowing the answers to these questions is the first step in determining which product/storage system to choose for your utility truck.

Flatbeds vs Stake Beds: What You Need to Know

One of the most underutilized types of beds (as far as utility trucks go) are flatbeds. The reason for this is simple: most manufacturers simply don’t understand the needs of each utility truck driver/business. Different drivers and different companies have different sets of needs when it comes to what they’ll be hauling (which means they have different bed requirements). Having a customized flatbed system can take your utility truck to an entirely new level.

Stake beds are another unique option to explore for your work truck. Just because flatbeds get all the shine doesn’t mean there aren’t other choices out there. Having a custom-sized stake bed installed on your truck can translate to a higher level of storage and more customization options. Choosing between a flatbed and a stake bed comes down to knowing your needs, and working with your budget

Consider Upgrading Your Lighting

Just because you might associate custom lighting with 20-year old “tuners” doesn’t mean that utility-based systems don’t exist. In fact, there are many different lighting enhancements that can be made to most utility trucks - and we’re not just talking about exterior lights. Interior lighting systems aren’t upgraded that often - but they should be.

Upgrading your interior lights can make all the difference, especially if you’re working at night. If you’ve ever been on a job site at night you probably know what we’re referring to (i.e. not being able to find a tool because your truck doesn’t have an adequate lighting system). That’s why you need to think about not only your exterior lights, but your interior lights too. Upgrading both lighting systems can truly bring your utility truck to an entirely new level of durability and performance.