When it comes to buying accessories for your car, many drivers’ mind goes to adding a TV for passengers to watch shows on or ridiculously loud sound systems that can be used for a block party. 

Car accessories are not meant to make your vehicle turn into a pimped up car that you only see in music videos. Accessories are needed to improve your driving, ensure your safety and the passengers safety, and make driving easier for you.

There are many cool gadgets and discount car accessories for your car that you never knew you needed.

Tile Mate

This small invention has become a necessity in many lives due to its usage versatility and price. Tile is a tracker that can be placed on any of your favorite items that you happen to find yourself searching for daily. 

Place Tile Mate on your keys and track it on the app on your phone whenever you need to. The Tile app also includes a feature that will show you on the map the last time you left an item behind and at what time that was.

Tile can connect to your home’s Alexa speaker and Google Home speaker to help you find your car keys as well.

The range for Tile Mate can go longer than 200 feet Bluetooth range and if you find your keys before your phone, you can press the button on Tile Mate and it will ring up your phone for you even if you have it on silent. 

If you lose your car keys or any item away from the 200 feet Bluetooth range, Tile offers a helpful community that allows the app users to relocate the missing item back to its original owner.

Divi USB Car Charger

You’re in a rush to drop off your kids at school and go to work so you decide to charge your phone in your car, but once you get in the car your kid also needs to charge their phone as fast as possible. If this is a scenario that happens to you on most mornings, then the Divi USB charger is the answer for your problems.

The Divi USB charger is considered one of the best compact chargers for your car as it saves space because of its small size and the fact that it is wireless. It will allow you to charge your phone and any other additional device at full speed at the same time by using the cigarette lighter’s power.

The USB charger supports devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and MP3 Players. It also comes with a 12 month manufacturer warranty that guarantees your money back.

Dyson V6 Car and Boat

This incredibly powerful handheld vacuum is small, light, and will save you a lot of money and time. The cordless vacuum was engineered for cars to make your life easier.

With its powerful suction this vacuum comes with a mini motorized tool, crevice tool, combination tool, stubborn dirt brush, mini soft dusting brush, and extension hoes that will get rid off any dirt in your car such as pet hair, crumbs from food, and sand.

The battery power lasts up to 20 minutes and it includes a 2-year warranty.

Chris Digital Assistant

This in-car voice assistant was created for drivers to keep their eyes on the road and remain safe while driving as well as protecting others. It can be simply described as the Alexa for drivers.

Chris will help you while you’re driving through giving voice commands and gestures. The digital assistant can be paired via Bluetooth with either an iPhone or Android. It allows you to control your phone’s apps without needing to grab your phone and taking your eyes off the road.

The device allows users to respond to texts, calls, play music, and even receive directions to go home or to work. It can be mounted on your dashboard and you won’t require to be connected to any internet connection as it can easily work offline.

AA Ultimate First Aid Kit

This AA approved first aid kit is essential for every driver. It is often overlooked by many drivers and thinks it’s not necessary to have a first aid kit in their car.

The need for a first aid kit can come to you at any time during your life and it’s important to be ready if you happen to be on a road trip or stuck on a road far away from any stores.

The AA Ultimate first aid kit is a small pouch that is easy to store and carry in your car. It includes bandages, wound and first aid dressings, an emergency blanket, adhesive plasters, adhesive tape, first aid compress, triangular badges, a pair of scissors, and how-to instructions.

Arteck Car Jump Starter 8000MAH

The Arteck Car Jump Starter is a staple for every car driver. No one wants to wait on the side of the road and later have to watch their car getting towed.

The car jump starter will jump your car up to 20 times on a single charge with heavy duty cables and clamp built in. Arteck also works as a charger for any of your devices such as smartphones, cameras, wireless headphones, and more.

The multi-functional car jump starter also includes ultra-bright LED lights such as a flashlight, strobe light, and SOS signal that will last over 100 hours.

Arteck Car Jump Starter comes with a 2-year warranty and great customer serivce that will ease the stress of any driver.

Nextbase 612GW Dash Cam

This Nextbase 4k camera is not only the world’s first 4k dash cam, it will also be your best friend and your best witness if you get in a car accident. 

The smart dash cam will allow you to record in 4k quality with an easy way of sending the footage to your phone, computer, or laptop. Nextbase dash cam features also include a GPS tracker that records your speed and location while driving.