Traffic tickets can be a serious annoyance, as well as a financial burden. Depending on the location and the reason, the fine can be anywhere from $15 to $200, which can cut into other expenses. It can be especially irritating if it was an unfair traffic ticket.

However, depending on your situation, you may be able to fight it and avoid paying it. In this article, attorney Rahul Balaram, of Balaram Law Office, shares three actions you can take to bypass paying a traffic ticket. 
If you’ve recently gotten an undeserved traffic ticket, you’re probably wondering how you can fight it. Well, it’s all about knowing the facts, providing supporting information, and deciding if it’s worth the effort.

Know the Facts
Many people don’t realize they can fight the ticket. There are two ways to do this: by mail or by going to court. 

Some states offer the option of trial by mail, where you don’t have to appear in court in-person. Instead, you simply submit your claim with a letter. Then, the officer that issued your ticket must also provide a letter stating why you’re guilty. 

Because many officers don’t want to go through the hassle of filling out the paperwork, allowing you to win by default.

If you don’t have the option of trial by mail, you can bring your case to court. When appearing in court, it’s important to dress professionally, and always have a calm demeanor; it will only benefit you in court and help you present your case to the best of your abilities. Then, make sure you provide any supporting information and evidence in your favor (see “Provide Supporting Information”). You may either win your case by proving your innocence or if the officer fails to appear, you will win by default. 

Provide Supporting Information
If you decide to bring your case to court, it’s crucial that you’re well prepared. In order to do this, you must present well-organized evidence in your favor. 

Record all of the information on when you were pulled over, including the radar reading, time and date, weather conditions, location, insurance information, and registration information. Also try and write down the name of the officer, their badge number, and any other information you think might be relevant. 

Sometimes the equipment malfunctions—such as the radar equipment might register speeds incorrectly or a red light might have turned prematurely—resulting in faulty readings that can get your case thrown out immediately. If you think that maybe the reason why it’s important to gather the information that proves it was a malfunction.

Once you have all of your evidence, make sure it’s all organized in one, neat file or folder. This will show the judge you are well-prepared, and won’t waste any time, which is something every judge likes to see.

Is It Worth the Effort?

Lastly, sometimes fighting a ticket simply isn’t worth it.

If you think you might end up putting more time and effort into it than the ticket’s fees are worth, you might just want to pay it. Especially if you would have to miss work to make an appearance in court, which would result in taking a small hit on your next paycheck. 

Before you end up wasting your time and money, take a moment to consider if your case has good chances in court and that it’s worth chasing.  

About Rahul Balaram:
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