Gone are the days of television and print ads dominating the advertising market. Considering that nearly half of all adults aged 22 to 45 years old no longer watch TV or read the newspaper, it isn’t surprising to see marketing trends shifting to new and more effective alternatives to 30-second commercials and print adverts.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, you need to come up with a new advertising strategy that is more effective and cost-efficient. In this day and age, the typical answer to that is digital marketing. Here, you can leverage the fact that more and more people turn to the Internet for news and information.

But even digital marketing can be challenging to implement. With search engines constantly changing up the rules of the game, coping with the updates becomes difficult. On top of that, you also need to keep your content and advertisements optimized so that they can reach your target customers and yield significant ROI.

Fortunately, there’s one more option you probably haven’t considered yet: vehicle wrap advertisements. Basically, this strategy entails having a vehicle – your own or someone else’s (rented or leased) – wrapped with custom-printed graphics that carry your brand message. It is quite similar to billboards, but with more advantages.

To help you understand the value of wrap advertising, here are six ways this marketing strategy can aid in your brand’s promotional campaign:

1. Captures the Audience

In promoting a brand, product, or service, marketing professionals understand that they need to grab the attention of their target audience. But if they no longer watch TV, read newspapers, or listen to the radio, where do people spend most of their time?

On the road, in their cars.

Take Americans, for example. Statistics show that more than 87 percent of the population spend over 290 hours on the road.

Online ads may not cut it, either. Considering people’s attention spans these days, these adverts might not reach your audience because of virtual noise that can distract them from your message.

With vehicle ads, you get to target potential customers that get lost in the funnel due to digital noise as well as those who are no longer reached by ads in the tri-media. Since mobile billboards will be spending time with audiences on the road, you are sure that they will be able to see your ads while staying focused on driving.

2. Helps Save on Marketing Costs

Most people think that the quickest way to save on advertising costs is to go digital. But while the Internet is a treasure trove of promotional advantages, focusing solely on search engine marketing efforts may not be the best way to go.

Like running an ad on TV, print, and radio, the costs of advertising online can also pile up. Remember that every time your ad is run, you need to pay for it. And in order to reach the audience, you have to go through this cycle multiple times.

But if you choose to invest in vehicle wraps, you won’t ever see costs accumulating over time. After you have the car wrap designed, printed, and installed, your ad is good to go. There’s no need to pay for it every time it heads out to the road to reach your audience.

What makes it more cost-efficient is that vehicle signage packages in Melbourne often already include the design, printing, and installation of the vinyl wrap. You’ll just have to adjust the cost to the specifications of the vehicle you plan to use.

3. More Flexible and Cost-Effective than Vehicle Repainting

Now that the advantages of mobile billboards have been established, it is time to differentiate painted vehicle ads from printed ones.

Custom-printing your advertisement on the vinyl wrap is the more cost-effective solution. Aside from giving your truck, van, or car a new look that helps your business grow, it also preserves the original paint of the vehicle.

Unlike car repainting that leaves you stuck with the same graphics until you have the budget for new paint, vinyl car wraps give you the freedom to change your ad as the need arises. This is the very reason why printed wraps are considered the more flexible alternative for vehicle advertisements.

4. Targets Audiences Locally

Vehicle wrap advertisements are also the best tool to use for targeting audiences locally. After all, what better way to grow a business than by attracting customers right in your own neighborhood?

Targeting the right audience is one of the major marketing challenges vinyl car wraps overcome. With TV, internet, and print marketing, this is quite difficult to achieve since you rely on customer behavior predictions while still paying for the ads. In short, there’s no guarantee that the audience you want to reach through those channels will actually see them.

If you choose to have a mobile billboard, you can easily have the vehicle drive around the places frequented by your audience, and – voila! You get to reach your audience directly. This is the very reason why company vehicles are the most significant brand recognition tool for raising brand awareness.

5. Works for Small Companies, Too

Contrary to what some people think, wrap advertising isn’t just for large companies – it works for smaller firms, too. In fact, even businesses without a company vehicle can take advantage of the benefits mobile billboards offer.

How? By renting a van or truck to carry their mobile advertisement.

With vehicle wrap advertising on the rise, some companies are now offering wrap advertising services to help small-to-medium (SME) companies benefit from mobile billboards for a considerably lower cost than running a TV ad repeatedly. There are even platforms that bridge the gap between SMEs that want to take advantage of vehicle ads and drivers who wish to earn money by using their vehicles.

Through this innovative solution, you get a chance to reach more customers in your area and potentially level the playing field with already-established competitors who can afford to buy large fleets of trucks and vans to showcase their brand in.

6. Highly Customizable

There is nothing more necessary when it comes to promoting your business than being able to customize an ad to suit your company’s goals. This is another reason why car wrap advertising can work for you.

Since they are designed digitally, you can easily have the graphics and messages in the ad customized according to your brand strategy and marketing plan. With ute wraps and graphics, you have the freedom to come up with an ad that effectively helps customers learn all about your company.

A Final Word

When it comes to marketing your business, you have to be open to innovative solutions that overcome challenges that arise from other methods of brand promotion. Vehicle wrap advertising is relatively new, but based on statistics, it is proven to be an effective alternative to traditional means of advertising.


Brian Dwyer is the Director and owner of Colour Source Signwriters, a graphic production business specializing in various vehicle wraps, fleet signs and building signs. The company has been producing professional signage that captures the attention and matches the vision of delighted clients all over Australia since 1990.