By: Jim Pullman

Of course, protecting your car's paint makes your car look better for years longer than it would if you simply left it vulnerable to rust. However, protecting your paint also benefits you and your car in a variety of economic, safety, and financial ways.

1. Maintains your car's appearance

Paint protection provides your car a permanent coat of protection against normal aging as well as harsh weather. For instance, paint protects against such things as cracking and rust. Additionally, this type of protective coating provides superior protection against the discoloration caused by the sun’s UV rays. In fact, with fresh paint protection, your car will maintain a glossy appearance no matter the age of your car and no matter what weather comes its way.

2. Resale value

In addition to looking for a reliable car, used car buyers want to purchase a car that looks good. In fact, most people will pass on a car that looks run down--even if there is nothing wrong with it. You can easily preserve the resale value of your car with paint protection as this specialized coating is specifically designed to maintain a barrier between your car and materials that can damage it.

3. Long-term value

Some cars are destined to become antiques. When this happens, your original car can become quite valuable. However, it is difficult to predict the cars that will become extremely valuable. Consequently, you should protect your paint in order to protect possible immense value that results from your car becoming an antique. To find a reputable company to provide this service, you can conduct an online search of paint protection Gold Coast.

4. Saves money on repairs

Even the most seemingly minor scratches can pose a threat to the integrity of your car’s paint and lead to expensive repairs. For instance, a scratch in your car’s paint exposes the metal that resides under the paint. As moisture builds up or pools in this scratch, a chemical reaction occurs between the metal and the water. This chemical reaction is referred to as oxidation. Oxidation is a breakdown in the metal, which causes the appearance of rust. Exposure to water is the most common cause of rust on a car. Paint protection, however, ensures your car does not suffer from the scratches and nicks that can leave your car vulnerable to rust.

5. Safety

Your car's paint protects the metal out of which your car is made. If that metal rusts, it weakens. Weakened metal becomes brittle and starts to break off, leaving jagged edges. Those jagged edges present a safety hazard to anyone that might come in contact with them. For instance, in addition to causing a painful gash, the rusty metal can lead to tetanus, a serious illness that causes painful tightening of the muscles throughout the body. This is because rust allows a variety of bacteria to collect, including Clostridium tetani, the bacteria that causes tetanus.

Additionally, a car that suffers from rust is a car that is structurally compromised, and a structurally compromised car is unsafe.

6. Protects against biological agents

Bird droppings contain relatively high levels of uric acid, which is corrosive. Because bird droppings are so acidic, they can cause a lot of damage to your car’s paint. In fact, when your car encounters bird droppings, the uric acid can begin to eat away at your car’s paint within minutes. Eventually, the uric acid will eat through the paint and down to the metal. Once your car’s metal is exposed, it is vulnerable to the damaging effects of rust.

Tree sap is another biological agent that can wreak havoc on your car’s paint. Although it does not cause immediate damage, it will eventually stain your car’s paint. Fortunately, paint protection is designed to guard against these types of daily assaults.

7. Heals automatically

The chemical composition of paint protection allows your car’s paint to heal by itself. For instance, if your car suffers an abrasion or an indentation, the paint will return to its original state as if nothing ever happened. Because of this feature, a car with paint protection can easily absorb the damage that can be caused by such things as swirl marks, scratches, and rock chips. Finally, as this is an automatic feature of paint protection, you might not even know anything ever occurred.


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