Most often, people are intrigued at the mere sight of flashy cars, not minding if it's brand new or used. Simply put, a well-maintained car would always look the part irrespective of its nature because all cars depreciate over time.
However, before spending money on buying a used car, you need to know the regulations that guide purchasing a used car as well as your rights. In the UK, Consumer Rights Act stipulates that you are entitled to a repair, replacement or even a refund if the vehicle does not meet specific standards. Talking about getting a used car in the UK, an interested buyer might go through several hurdles before choosing the right car. For cities like Basingstoke, intending buyers need to do adequate background research before embarking on the journey of getting a used car.
With Sandown Group at your disposal,getting used cars in Basingstoke should be an easy task, their expert team is always on ground to help you through the journey of choosing the right car.
Nonetheless, before spending on a used car, here are some helpful tips you must consider:
Have a fixed budget

The first thing to consider while buying a used car is fixing a budget. Are you paying cash or taking a loan to fund the purchase? How much are you willing to spend on the car? Also, it is essential to note that owning a used car comes with additional costs such as insurance, new tyres and other expenses which are dependent on the vehicle's history.
Do Your Research

Conducting proper research will reduce the risks of buying a car with a bad history.

Pay Attention To Costs

One of the significant advantages of opting for a used car over is the idea of spending less. However, an intending buyer must pay attention to the cost of owning a used car. In some cases, the total cost of owning a high-end used car might be more expensive than that of a brand new car due to maintenance and other varying costs.

Choose the right car

After conducting proper research to seek out the necessary information about the car. It is advisable to do a checklist of what you want in a car. Drawing up a checklist will influence your decision when choosing the right car, or you might end up buying a car that does not suit your lifestyle.
Ask For A Test Drive

Reach out to the seller, ask for a test drive. This allows you to ascertain the working conditions of the car. At this stage, it is also advisable to hire a technician to check the mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle. This will enable you to point out any flaws or problems with the car to the seller.
Negotiate the best price

Now that you have decided on the right car, it is time to negotiate. In some cases, haggling over the price would get you the best price while in other scenarios, there won't be a need for too much back and forth before sealing the deal. However, in most cases, it is better to start pricing from the minimum price to get the best price.
Close the deal

At this stage, you have reached an agreement with the seller and ready to drive off. Ensure that you finish up the paperwork and go through every part of the official contract. The contract must contain both parties' signatures (buyer and seller), sales price and other documentations.
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