Most of us had cherished for the first car for such a long time and earn hard for it. After buying it we will take care of it as our child. The emotional bonding with our first vehicle is a feeling beyond expressions. So we will not be ready to call for any risks or faults in the maintenance or servicing aspect. Being a car owner, most of your discussions with your friends in the early years will be the maintenance aspects. You may get great information from your surroundings about the dos and don’ts in the car servicing. 

And many of them will be the DIY tricks in car servicing and maintenance. They will work fine if you are an expert in the field and ready to do it passionately. But remember, prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to your vehicle. Due to negligence or unawareness, you may be inviting major repairs to your vehicles. Then why to hesitate to find the best car services in your city? 

Look out these things:
Many times you may prolong the repair or service needs of your vehicle due to many reasons including the finance problems. You will run a few extra miles with the vehicle without the necessary services.  But you should know the aftereffects of denying the timely service and repair to the vehicle. You always wish an extended life and the best performance of your car and for the timely services is essential. Treating the car like a member of the family and the good care can be given easily. In that aspect, you can book an appointment with the Pitstop service centres through their website,

Please check this 2013 Hyundai Elantra owners manual to learn more about the service and repair of a car.

The very common services are done at the following major parts.
• Change engine oil & oil filter.
• Check and top-up all fluids (coolant, power steering, brake, transmission etc.)
• Clean K&N air filter (best done at 7,500 km mark).
• Wheel rotation, balancing & alignment. Check condition (include spare wheel).
• Check and adjust all belts. Replace if any are cracked/worn out.
• Check all hose pipes. Replace if any are cracked/worn out.
• Check wiper blades & adjust washer nozzles.
• Check all lights.
• Check/service battery.
• Complete cleaning and waxing of the car.
• Clean K&N air filter (best done at 7,500 km mark).
• Apply paint to the small nicks & dents. Get bodywork done where necessary.

What to look for a car service agency
We can’t approach any service centres blindly. We should check for their reliability and experience in the field. Also, check whether their approaches are customer-centric or money-oriented. We are expecting a high-end performance from them and never wish to leave our vehicle half done. Like a thorough body check-up to us, a thorough engine service might have to do for our vehicles at least once in a year. So before moving towards the service centre in your area, do check for the following things about them and then take further steps.

1. Experience
The first and foremost thing to consider while choosing the car servicing agency is their experience in the field. But never consider the number of years of existence of a car garage as the symbol of their existence. Check whether they are established or not and well employed all through the years. The experience will reflect in their methods of dealing with the vehicles and the customers.  In the first description, they will understand the basic problem. Also having seen many vehicles, they will be well aware of the latest engine parts and the newest technologies in repair and service. 

2. The recommendations
When you are about to try something new, it is always better to go with the suggestions and advice from others. Vehicle maintenance and service are a game of expertise. The best service centres never need another media of publicity than the word of mouth publicity. The satisfied customers are the greatest advertisers of the service centres. They might know who is best in a specific area or problem. Never be hesitant to ask these suggestions from your dear ones, as no one is perfect in all fields.

3. Best offers
Try to choose the vehicle services that offer the best prices in this field. Some may offer their services very less than the common rates. But is that all you want? Never go behind such offers as there are chances of the trap. They may claim maximum services and we also won’t take care of such parts later believing that we had done our part. But, surely, thorough servicing is never possible at cheap rates. So look for the great services that are available at decent prices.

4. Good online reviews
We are living in a digital era. Everything including a car servicing comes to your doorsteps through this facility. Without any confusion and traffic worries, they will take your vehicle from your place and get it repaired. Fast delivery, online payments are the main add on features of these online services. You can select the best based on their online reviews by customers. is such a vehicle service website which always values its customers.

The maintenance and repairing decisions of the car is as important as that of the buying decisions. After a lot of researches, we will choose our favourite vehicle and never would like to leave a fault on the repairing aspect. Starting from the basic cleanup services and up to the complex replacement of any engine part, you can approach any car service centre at your place. Choosing the best car repairing agency amongst the crowd is a herculean task. But without getting deceived, one can approach a decent service centre by following the above factors. The reputed car service companies always will be customer and vehicle-friendly. Their honest and fast servicing will attract every customer to them again and again. So don’t be hesitant! Get your service done at the best vehicle service centres near you, and enjoy a hassle-free vehicle service.