Now the weather is so hot in summer. For a car parked in the open air, if you park it for more than ten minutes, the entire car will not be hot. For a long time, some interior dashboards and leather seat cushions are prone to aging. If the car cover is covered with aluminum film, it can not only shade, but also cool down.

Therefore, many car owners put on their jerseys when they park their cars. Indeed, the vehicle has been outdoors for a long time, and weather such as sun, sand, and acid rain is extremely harmful to the vehicle. Exposure will accelerate the aging rate of the vehicle, and it will have a serious impact on the paint finish of the vehicle. ; Sand and dust covering the body surface will cause scratches to the car paint and glass, and minor scratches will cause diffuse reflection of external light sources on the glass when driving at night, which seriously affects driving safety. Sand and dust entering the vehicle will increase the failure rate of the machine and increase the cost of maintenance. Therefore, with the car clothing, the car will be better protected material available on

Many car owners ask this question: How is the car clothes? What kind of car clothes is the best? Today the master will help you analyze the car owners' treatment and views on the car clothes and help you solve the car clothes problem.

Car clothing is easy to scratch the car paint?

To put it simply, the brands of car clothing are mixed on the market. With the expansion of the car clothing market, many small businesses have saved a lot of procedures on the processing of car clothing in order to seize the opportunity to seek violence. Inferior fabrics are used for processing, and the jerseys they produce are extremely poor quality products. Of course, their prices will be much lower than high-quality jerseys.

It is precisely because car owners do not understand the car clothing market. Looking at some car clothing product descriptions and brand car clothing recommended on the list have the same functions, and the price is low, so they bought the price advantage of the car clothing to use. After using it, it was found that the car cover was loose and loose in the body. When the wind was blowing, the car clothes would flutter with the wind due to the unfitness. In addition, the inferior car clothes were used. Processing experiments, in this case, the car will scratch the surface of the car with the wind!

Not waterproof: Because they use single-thread stitching when sewing car clothing, they may also use large needles to sew, which greatly reduces the waterproof function of the car clothing. No matter what advanced fabrics they use for processing, they are not Superior waterproof function. It does not meet the waterproof standard in the number of silver coating channels, and only achieves about 600 in water pressure treatment to reduce costs.

Not flame retardant: Although the fabrics used for these car clothing are advanced fabrics, the flame retardant technology of the fabrics does not meet the national standards. Some car clothing manufacturers even using the flame retardant flag do not add resistance to the fabric at all. Fuel agent! When sparks such as fireworks and firecrackers are splashed on the car clothing, the car clothing is not flame retardant, but may play a role in supporting combustion, which greatly endangers the surrounding safety !!!

No snow cream: this is the fabric may not be high-grade fabric, plus the amount of lint on the jersey does not meet the national standard, generally speaking, the amount of lint for cotton jerseys is only 40 grams, the national standard is 75 grams Premium cotton wool!

Car clothing has a very good protective effect on the car. It is precisely because some people do not know about car clothing. After being used by small and cheap car owners, many people have raised the question. Is the car clothing useful? It is also because of those Small manufacturers have not asked car owners to ask such questions in accordance with national standards!

What should be a truly qualified jersey?

Qualified products: 

1. Professional one-car one-piece tailor-made production for your car.

2. Carry on the deep parts of the car clothing materials, such as: water pressure treatment, wet and dry friction test, re-waterproof and breathable membrane to make the car body cover with good air permeability, silver coating, antifouling, oil resistance, etc. The process is processed according to national standards, and double-thread stitching can be used on both sides when sewing.

3. Provide quality assurance for the product.

4. Professional car clothing OEM manufacturer manufacturers.

When buying car clothing, the owner purchases the car clothing according to the above 4 points. The car clothing is definitely a qualified product and can definitely protect the car. Therefore, only qualified products can be used for the car clothing! Non-qualified products can only hurt the car!

Master summary: In the use of the vehicle, the external environment has a great impact on the vehicle. With the clothing, not only is it dust-proof and soil-proof, but also prevents air pollution from damaging the car paint. It is a powerful assistant to protect your car. But how to choose qualified car clothing must test the eyesight of consumers.

The daily care of the car has gradually been accepted. Car washing has become a part of the car owner ’s life. However, frequent car washing can also cause damage to the body. Now, there is a “car clothes fever” among car owners. As a derivative of automobiles, car clothing has been used for decades in Western countries. It has only been used in recent years in China. Today, riders have a wide range of materials and styles, which not only protect the car, but also highlight the personality of the owner. Cars parked in open-air parking at night are covered with clothing to prevent the car from being damaged by bad weather. During the vacation, a large number of citizens flocked to the tourist resort, and almost all cars parked at home were covered with clothing. In South Asia, in summer, even in the daytime, most cars parked in the open air are covered with clothing. The main purpose is to resist excessive sunlight exposure to the car and the high temperature inside the car. Although there are many uses for car clothing, there are two types of car owners in use, and they have two different attitudes to car clothing.