In Canada, the winter time is not exactly a paradise for drivers. They need to contend with ice and snow and the occasional snow storm that creates bad visibility. But this Christmas, you can make driving much more enjoyable by getting yourself that present you’ve always wanted: a new Ford!

Read on to learn more about how shopping at a family-owned car dealership is a great way to find the best deals on a new Ford this Christmas season. 

Generous Leases
With all the new technology “disrupting” industries, it’s nice when the old-fashioned way of making a purchase is still the best option. When car shopping, it’s important to avoid high-pressure sales situations.

Family-owned dealerships often have a Ford leasing program you can take advantage of to get great rates above and beyond what the manufacturer offers, especially if they have their own leasing division. Whether you’re leasing it for you or your business, the dealership you choose should be able to offer you flexible short- and long-term leases of 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.

Beyond them having attractive lease terms, they should also have other programs with compelling terms, like lease-to-own, quick and easy upgrades, and a great lease buyout program. Whether you’re looking for a fleet of vehicles for your business or a Christmas present for you or someone special, choosing to buy from a family-owned dealership will connect you with the leasing terms you’re looking for.  

Friendly, No Pressure Service
Choosing to go to a family-owned dealership that has been passed down through generations is a good way to align yourself with a business interested in creating long-term relationships with customers rather than squeezing them for a short-term sale. This is especially true when they have their own body shop, as these kinds of dealers are even more likely to want to develop positive relationships with customers so they can service their vehicle throughout its lifetime.

From the customer’s perspective, buying a vehicle from this kind of dealership gives them the advantage of always having a reliable and trustworthy auto mechanic to count on, which can be a hard thing to find! Whether you’re looking to get your car back to its pre-collision state after an accident or you’re looking to invest in some custom Roush performance modifications to personalize your vehicle, you can depend on a family-owned dealership that has been doing it for decades.

Vast Selection
Family-owned dealerships offer a truly wide selection of vehicles all in one place, so you can compare and contrast similar models in person, or see the differences between various trim options  of the same models.  Most dealerships are happy to order vehicles to their lot, but having it already on hand makes the buying process faster and smoother. 

It might not be the most wonderful time of the year for road conditions, but if you visit your local family-owned dealership and find a great deal on a new Ford this Christmas season, you’ll love driving this winter.