With more and more people driving cars around the world, the safety dimension of driving has also more vehemently came under the scanner in the last few years. 

It is crucial to note that driving is a dangerous business, and in the era of gadgets, it has become even riskier as more and more people are losing their lives in traffic accidents

Therefore, we have compiled a checklist of all the things you must avoid while driving to ensure the safety of your life.

Avoid Alcohol at all Costs:
It may be one of the worst things you can do before driving, and to no surprise, alcohol consumption is reported to be the leading cause of traffic accidents. Do not fool yourself to think that a little bit of alcohol will not do any damage.  

Because science factually begs to differ and there exist many reports that suggest that even a small amount of alcohol can affect your ability to make quick decisions. So unless you long to see the doors of heaven or wish to deal with drunk driving law firms, avoid alcohol at all costs. 

Strictly adhere to ‘No Substance Abuse’ Policy:
Like alcohol, strictly avoid any substance abuse like weed or even cough syrups because they also massively hinder your ability to drive correctly. 

Say no to Gadgets:
Do not find excuses to use your cell phone and avoid it all costs because it is considered to be the leading cause of increasing car accidents in the 21st century. If you wish to make a call or answer a text or reply to an email or google something, park the car somewhere and then do it.

Do not overestimate your reflexes because cell phones can easily make you oblivious of the primary task you are doing and can land you in fatal trouble. 

All Hands on Deck Please:
Like cell phones, eating something can also distract you from driving because it uses two senses that are essential for driving, touch, and sight.

Your hands must always be on the steering wheel and do not even lean over to pick something up while driving. These short bursts of negligence can prove to be fatal. 

Do Not Get Lost in The Music:
It has become trendy to install a high-quality sound system in the cars so that the drive can be more enjoyable. It is alright to have something in the background, but do not get lost in the music. Keep your eye on the road and your ears open to horns and other sounds nearby.

Save Your Heels for Later:
If you are driving, then it is a good idea to wear something flat because the mobility of feet and legs is crucial in driving, and something like heels hampers the essential movement.

Follow the Traffic Rules:
Be it following the lanes, traffic lights, seat belts, or speed limits, all of these rules are made to ensure your safety. Therefore, it is in your benefit that you follow these rules and keep living this life to the fullest.  

Driving has become an integral part of our modern lives, and we must accept and respect its lethality. Adhering to the aforementioned rules will help you keep driving carefully and minimize the possibility of accidents.

But, it is essential to note that there always exists the possibility of accidents even when you are driving carefully. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the car accident doctor number recorded on your phone to prepare for any unfortunate incident.