Most car manufacturers do not want to spend too much money on interior car design. That is the reason why they install a low-quality sound system. Often times, factory car speakers have a low range of frequency because the manufacturer cut costs when it came to the sound system. If you want to have a better quality sound system in your car, you should consider buying an aftermarket car speaker. There are various types of aftermarket speakers to choose from depending on your budget and listening needs. This post focuses on why an aftermarket car speaker is better than its factory counterpart.

1)            Better Sound quality
Vehicle manufacturers are majorly more concerned with designing a better car model. They are less bothered by the quality of their car speakers’ sound quality. While aftermarket speakers are designed by car audio manufacturers to give a better sound quality. For instance, 4X6 speakers will deliver better sound frequencies below 200 Hz, while a factory speaker will just produce sound quality within 50 – 100 Hz. So, before buying any Aftermarket speaker, check the frequency range that you will derive from it. Because high sound quality is mainly dependent on its sound frequency.

2)            Sound imaging
Factory speakers are installed in a car to deliver a reduced quality in the brass level. They are placed at varying distances such that the sound waves from the speakers do not reach your ear at once. Thus, a factory speaker delivers muddy sound. To avoid this problem, you should replace a factory speaker with an aftermarket speaker. With aftermarket speakers, the sound wave will reach your ear in a harmonious way. Hence, you will be able to enjoy music to the fullest. You can enjoy better stereo and sound imaging with an aftermarket system for less. You can check different types of aftermarket speakers that are available and choose one that fits in your budget.

3)            Durability
A car speaker is not of great concern for a car manufacturer when designing a car. Thus, they installed cheap speakers to reduce their manufacturing costs. Therefore, those car speakers wear and tear easily. To avoid this problem of wear and tear of the factory speakers, you should replace a factory speaker with an aftermarket speaker. An aftermarket speaker is a design with the sole aim of delivering the best sound quality and durability to its users. They are made of light and stiff materials such as polypropylene, synthetic materials, wooden fabrics, and many more. Before buying any aftermarket speaker, check its feature for the material that it is made from.

4)            Power Handling
If you are a music lover, you will not enjoy the sound quality from a factory speaker due to its power handlers. They cannot work well with amplifiers. If you love music at high volume, then you are ready to damage a factory speaker. To avoid this detrimental destruction of a speaker, you should replace the factory speakers with aftermarket speakers. An aftermarket speaker will work perfectly with power handling, produce better quality sound, and are well designed with better materials. You should check the pros and cons of every aftermarket speaker, before deciding the best one for you.