For someone who is always on the go, your four-wheeler is probably the place where you spent most of your time next to your home, of course. This makes your car safety and cleanliness two of the most relevant aspects to take care of. In reality, however, you do not have to be particularly a car enthusiast or an adventurer to take proper care of your car. 

After all, no one finds the idea of climbing into a filthy and malodorous car particularly intriguing. Your car’s safety and cleanliness go hand-in-hand, and luckily there are ample numbers of car gadgets that can help you achieve the analogous result effortlessly. These car accessory gadgets provide you with the right tool and mechanisms to maintain a clean breathing space within the car and also for ensuring that your small car parts are functioning properly to avoid any unprecedented accidents. 

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1. Car Air Purifier and Ionizer 

There is something extremely impulsive and off-putting about walking into a car filled with a distinct stench. This is primarily why car air purifiers have become a standard addition in most cars nowadays. However, these air purifiers are only effective for countering out the undesirable odors inside the car. In brief, they are only helpful for sugar-coating the smell of the car, but what about the infinite number of allergens and bacteria that exist within the car? 

In addition to simply improving the quality of the car smell, car ionizers play a crucial role in eliminating almost 99.99% of the total bacteria, germs, allergens, or any other types of harmful and disease-causing molecules.

2. Wiper blade renewal tool 

A wiper blade on your car performs one of the most vital functionalities, yet it is constantly overlooked due to its miniature size. Its importance is only felt when you have to drive out on a rainy day, and you realize they aren't working or at least not functioning optimally. Even when you're taking your car off-road in some muddy terrain, you need the wipers to swish out the mud effectively to offer you with the best windshield clarity, so your visibility on the road ahead is not compromised.

Wiper blades, however, have the tendency to attract debris and, thus, deteriorate in their cleaning efficiency with passing time. In such cases, the wiper blade renewal gadgets provide an ideal solution by allowing you to clean the blades and restore its authentic working efficiency. This eliminates the need to buy extra wiper blades every time they get dirty. 

3. Keychain Breathalyser 

Almost 50% of the road accidents that take place every year are attributed to the sole reason for driving under the influence of alcohol. This is precisely why drinking and driving is not a smart move, especially if you have your loved ones on the backseat. While you cannot expect a traffic officer to station themselves every 500 meters to check the alcohol level of the concerned driver, you can use this unique and extremely handy keychain breathalyzer to monitor the alcohol level of the driver.

This helps you to determine your alcohol level instantly to avoid driving under the influence, possibly compromising your well being and safety of your family as well. In addition to that, reckless driving can also cause a number of criminal offenses such as jail time, DUI tickets, etc. This keychain breathalyzer gadget helps you avoid all those complications prior to the occurrence.

4. Car Diagnostic Tool 

Fixing a car is not everybody's cup of tea. This becomes highly apparent when you have to open the hood and go through the complex entanglement of the engine housing. However, in some cases, when your car breaks down in the most inappropriate time and situations, you will have to know how to troubleshoot the problems. 

Car diagnostic gadgets in such cases come in extremely handy by assisting you in determining the precise location of the error. These tools are compact and hence, convenient for carrying it around without requiring significant space or weight.