Riding a motorcycle for the first time is almost as exciting as the day you pass your test. That’s the day you get complete freedom and when you need to get to your local bike sales store and choose the right bike for your needs.

It’s not an easy decision and the right bike is different for everyone. You’ll need to consider several factors before you even test ride:

Experience Level

If you’ve just passed your test you may find that the size of the bike you are allowed to ride is limited. Most manufacturers make all types of bikes in a variety of size engines, so this shouldn’t be an issue when choosing type. But, you do need to consider your experience level.

A new rider needs to become accustomed to the power of a bike, it’s best to start with a smaller engine and work your way up.

What You’ll Be Using It For

Perhaps the biggest element of choosing the right type of motorcycle is what you’re going to use it for. If you love the idea of getting off-road then you’re going to need a trials bike or similar off-road machine.

But, if you’re just looking for a commuter, then you’re going to want a medium-sized engine with an upright riding position. This will help you to weave through traffic on your way to the office.

Of course, if the bike is just for the weekends you may prefer the sports bike option. This is a sloped forward position and is all about speed and cornering. These types of bikes are covered in fairings to improve aerodynamics and can look pretty impressive.

If your preferred option is heading across country on the trip of a lifetime then you’re going to need a sports tourer. They have the power of a sports bike but are more refined, have a more upright seating position, and are generally more comfortable when doing distance.

Finally, don’t forget the custom option, louder, but still powerful. These are the ones that you take to make a statement, and cruise, rather than ride flat out.

Don’t forget, there is no right or wrong option, it’s just what suits your needs best.

Your Preference

If you’re not yet sure what type of riding you’re going to be doing then you may want to consider which type of bike you like the look of the most.

This may seem a simplistic approach but you’ve got to love the look of the bike every time you swing your leg over it!

Test Run

The real proof that you’ve chosen wisely is to test drive a bike. You’re going to need to do this before you commit to buying. After all, you want to be comfortable with your chosen machine. Most dealers will offer test drives, allowing you to assess which bike feels natural to you.

But, if this is your first bike it’s a good idea to buy used, you’ll be less upset if your inexperience does cause you to drop it.