After calculating how much they pay for the car fuel, many start thinking about the ways to save on gas. Buying low-quality gas is barely an option – it can spoil car motor irreversibly. However, there is a great alternative – you can consider a purchase of an electric car. Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such a purchase.

Pros Of Electric Vehicles

At first glance, it seems that electric cars are the future. Europe has long been looking for a replacement for traditional cars, and their electric counterparts are way safer option for the nature. However, this is not the only advantage of electric vehicles. 

The most important thing here is economy. Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline or diesel fuel especially in Asia and CIS countries. Therefore, use of electric cars allows saving hundreds (if not thousands) of bucks on fuel every year. This is probably the main advantage of electric car brands.

By the way, use of electric cars also means you can save on lubrication oils and the whole range of other additional products and services.

Cons Of Electric Vehicles

Electric cars become more and more popular every year. However, not everything is as perfect as it seems. For example, there are still not enough gas stations for electric vehicles, and the cost of batteries is pretty high (it amounts for about 70% of the vehicle cost). Naturally, such cars are not affordable for people with average income. 

However, such disadvantages can be resolved over time. The technology of electric cars isn’t so well-developed yet, so there’s still a lot to upgrade about energy-efficiency and safety. Who knows, maybe the development process is being deliberately slowed down. After all, it is no secret that gas is a great business, so oil companies don’t need electric vehicles to steal away their income.

What to choose?

So, what is better: cars with internal combustion engines or electric cars? It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question. On the one hand, electric cars are much safer for nature and help save money in a long term perspective. However, their high cost and a small number of charging stations slow down the process of popularization. It will take more time for people to get used to electric cars and take such thing for granted.

If you are a rich person and you can afford to buy such an electric car, do not deny yourself such a pleasure. After all, an electric car provides a completely different driving experience, not mentioning more practical benefits.