In the trucking industry today, dash cams can come in handy, affecting many vital areas such as driver training, insurance discounts, and enhanced safety. More drivers and fleets install front-facing dash cams due to the various advantages they offer. Being capable to see what is occurring during a crucial safety event, improve driver coaching workshops, and enhance fleet safety. Here are a few methods of how dash cams can record valuable information that is beneficial to this industry.

Possibly Lower Insurance Premiums

Installing a dash cam can let insurance companies know that you take your fleet safety seriously. In the past, new technologies like ELDs have brought forth a change in the insurance landscape. Insurance companies saw the potential of ELD data and offered discounts for fleets who have been sharing it. Smart dash cams make up another section of the puzzle that will potentially come into play.

Lowering False Insurance Claims

According to new studies, passenger vehicles account for 85% of truck-passenger collisions, yet commercial driers are almost always taking the blame. This is a significant issue since the average cost of an enormous truck crash can be around $91 000. One with injuries can cost up to $200 000. For owner-operators and small truck fleets, any incident could cripple any business due to the financial loss. Dash cams permit fleet managers to view the road through the driver’s eyes and record video evidence. This can assist in reducing false claims and probable liabilities. You can view this comparison of the best dash cam for truckers. With video footage, you can see precisely what happened and in return, exonerate your drivers if they were not at fault.

Incentives For Safe Drivers

Fleet managers can offer incentives via safe driving reward programs. With such programs, you can reward your most reliable drivers and give them the appropriate recognition. Dash cams can permit companies to gather safety data and add it to the driver’s scorecard that captures critical safety instances like hard braking, hard cornering, collisions, and hard accelerating. A useful tip: you can print driver scorecards and attach it to their paychecks, and for those with exceptional numbers, you can offer a quarterly bonus.

Speeding Up Of Settling Insurance Claims

Dash cams can change how insurance claims work in the trucking industry. With optimal video evidence, insurance companies can obtain a better context, which may result in a quicker resolution of your claims.

Protecting Drivers

It is common practice for drivers to be considered guilty until they are proven innocent. This is where dash cams are incredibly useful since they can offer video evidence that proves the driver was not at fault.


Both fleet managers and truckers alike have started to realize the importance of a dash cam. Instead of asking whether they should get one, they are now asking which one is the best one to buy. The best place where you can start your search is to browse the web for recommendations and reviews. No matter which dash cam you are going with, you will be advocating a culture of safety in your company.