When you are moving across the country, there are a lot of things to plan for and consider. One thing that is easy to forget is how you plan to get your car to your new home. Moving a car cross country isn't easy when you don't plan ahead. It is important to think about it and develop a plan. To get past some of the most common problems, use these five optimal tips. 

Factor In Pricing
The upfront price may not include a lot of small things like taxes, liability or other hidden fees. If a deal seems too good to be true, then go over the paperwork to ensure it isn't. Sometimes paying extra will work out in your favor. Hiring a cheap service to move your expensive car will get you the expected results. That means if something goes wrong during the shipping process, don't expect them to step in.

A good car moving service is more than getting it from point A to point B. You want the service to take responsibility for any problems that occur while your property is in their possession. That is always worth paying a few extra bucks.

What Type Of Shipment Works Best?
There are two main types of shipments you can select when moving a car cross country - Door to door and terminal to terminal. For convenience, door to door will put your car in the closest parking spot to the destination. If your new location isn't quite ready for a move in, then terminal to terminal is the better option. This is when the service drops off the car to another one of their associated facilities for pickup. There is a small facility fee for this method, but it is far cheaper than what you would pay for parking in a normal city.

Don't Take Shortcuts
When you get into the shortcut mentality, mistakes are made. One of the mistakes that a lot of people encounter is trying to sneak extra luggage in their car. When a car is being moved cross country, it is mandatory for it to be emptied before transport. The money you save from trying to sneak luggage in a car is not worth having your contract rejected and the car stranded. There are strict guidelines with all car transport services. Breaking any of the rules gives them full right to deny you service at any point during the trip. Depending on where this happens, it could put you in a really bad position.

Pay Attention To Insurance
You won't run into a car moving service that doesn't have insurance. But how good is the insurance that they put money behind? Any company can pay for simple liability at the bare minimum and get away with it. Ask the questions that matter when dealing with insurance and a car moving service. There are many that won't even cover actual damage to your car during shipment. It also helps to check with your own insurance to see if they cover cross country moving. Use it as backup coverage in case something goes wrong with the moving company.

Don't Ship Damaged Cars
This is a problematic tip because it is specific to certain types of damage. Technically, you should be denied shipment if your car leaks or has broken windows. This is not always the case, and some consumers even hide leaking damage when entering a contract. Unless you're moving a rare sports or luxury car, your car will be grouped together with other vehicles. Any damage done to the other cars by your car will not be covered under the mover's insurance. Stay honest when signing the paperwork, and always disclose current car damage. Getting your car checked by a licensed professional can help you detect any current or potential damage.

Preparation is essential in any big move, and moving your car isn’t any different. By doing your research, you can find the right option for you and make sure that your car is prepared to be transported.