After years of sitting on the back seat, when you finally sit on the driving seat of the car, you feel a different sense of joy and accomplishment. With the steering wheel in your hand, you know you can drive wherever you wish and whenever you want. This means that you no longer need to depend on others for going to places or getting things done. 

Learning to drive, therefore, makes you feel like having achieved one more parameter of being independent. 
However, there is more than one reason why you should consider learning to drive. Some of the reasons are as follows-

1. Boosts Self-Confidence
Learning to drive comes after much effort and practice. While driving, whether doing it alone or with other co-passengers, you are the one controlling everything alone. Right from acceleration to pulling the brakes, to changing the gears, you do just about everything on your own. This multi-tasking requires you to take small decisions at each step and thereby fills you with confidence in your abilities.

Also, when you’re able to achieve little milestones in your initial stages, like learning to park or reverse the vehicle, it makes you believe in your practice and efforts. Gradually as you become better at driving, you feel a sense of accomplishment, which helps boost your overall self-confidence.   

2. Makes You Self-Reliant
Before you learn to drive, you often adjust your plans or depend on others when you want to drive up to someplace. Of course, there are cabs these days, but for some short distance trips, you don’t think taking a cab is a good idea. That makes you feel that if only you knew how to drive, you could go about with your plans without relying on anyone else.  

Driving makes you independent and ensures that you can just hop into your car whenever you want and get your things done. It makes you a master of your plans without relying on anyone else. 

3. Good Mood Buster
Going on a drive with the windows rolled down, and some good music playing is therapeutic. Especially when you’re the one driving, you lose yourself in the process of enjoying being in control. This helps you forget any stress or worries that you may be having before heading for a drive. 

Just look for a proper area where you don’t have to deal with traffic or too much noise, and you can enjoy a perfect drive. However, it is still essential that you don’t indulge in drinking and driving or don’t over speed. Enjoy driving responsibly, and you’ll feel a great deal better. 

4. Improves Concentration
Driving requires you not just to use your hands and feet, but also your senses to see, hear, and think. Out on the road, you are supposed to navigate your way through all kinds of roads, meander through the jams and be alert all the time to not crash or collide into another vehicle. Moreover, while driving, your senses have to be tuned in to both the internal handling of the car, and what’s happening in your external environment. 

Initially, you may even find it very hard to change the gear, while ensuring that you don’t crash into another vehicle. However, with practice, you will naturally develop this skill and then find it easy doing it all together. This will help you improve your concentration skills, which will also help you in other areas of your life.

Drive Safely and Stay Insured
As you learn driving, you also need to familiarize yourself with big and small things associated with the car to be an overall good driver. Right from how to understand the various indications on the dashboard to using the car wipers to how to get the vehicle refueled, you need to know everything. 

Another essential aspect of being out on the road is to ensure that you have comprehensive car insurance. Having a third-party car insurance policy is also a mandatory requirement by Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and therefore, not having one can attract penalties and fines your way. 

On the other hand, if you have a car insurance policy, then you shall remain covered against any damage or loss to your car, which may otherwise cause a considerable dent in your pocket. Also, this policy will ensure that in case you meet with any third-party liability or god forbid, with any personal accident, then you don’t have to bear the resulting cost. The policy will pay you for such incidents, subject to specific terms and conditions.

Furthermore, if you buy add on covers like zero depreciation cover and roadside assistance, then you can enjoy even greater security and support.

So, drive well and stay insured. We wish you happy driving!