While hailstorms are a natural and regular occurrence in several parts of the country, it’s still a cause of frustration and stress when you find that your car has been damaged by hail. Not only will repairs cost a fortune, but you’ll also have to endure a few days of going about your business without a vehicle, which can be inconvenient.

That’s why you must repair your car after it has been damaged by hail. Here are the reasons why car repair is important after hail damage:

1. Take Advantage of Insurance Coverage

If you live in an area where hailstorms happen during a particular season, it’s sensible to take out a comprehensive insurance policy. With this, you won’t have to stress out about hefty car hail repair fees because the company will pay for them on your behalf.

It may be an additional cost to your monthly premium, but paying a fixed amount each month is better than shelling out more money during emergencies. You must remember, though, to send your car in for an appraisal when the hail-induced dents and scratches are fresh because waiting a long time may invalidate your claim. The company may think that the damage isn’t caused by a natural disaster but by other factors.

These are the steps you should take after a hailstorm has damaged your vehicle:

Contact Your Insurance Provider - If you don’t know whether your auto insurance policy covers hail damage, you should speak with the company and clarify the terms. It’s also the time for you to ask some relevant questions concerning the payment.

Have Your Car Appraised - Next, your vehicle will have to go through an appraisal. This process can be executed by either a representative of your insurance company, field inspector, or through the program of your chosen mechanic or repair service provider.

Clean the Exterior - It’s better if you clean the exterior of your car to get the right estimate. Removing dirt and dust allows the appraiser a more unobstructed view of the damage wrought by the hailstorm. Inaccurate estimates can significantly delay the repair process.

Send it to an Accredited Mechanic - The repair service provider you work with must be accredited by your insurance company or, at the very least, have a process ready for this type of payment.

2. Maintain Your Car’s Exterior

Hail can inflict significant damage on your car’s exterior. It can chip off the paint and expose what’s beneath to natural elements, which can cause it to crease and fall away.

Not only is it embarrassing to drive around a vehicle with paint peeling off, but you’re also making the issue worse by delaying its repair. You need to have it fixed by a reliable team of mechanics as soon as possible before you end up with a more significant problem with the exterior.

3. Avoid Bigger Problems

Allowing the paint to chip off and fall away will make your car vulnerable to rust. Corrosion happens when a metal is exposed to oxygen and starts to revert to its natural oxidation state.

Hail damage can ultimately lead to rusting, which can ruin your car’s body panels. Moreover, it can also compromise the quality of the vehicle’s frame; that’s why you must have dents and scratches repaired immediately.

Aside from taking care of your car’s paint, you can avoid rust by:

Doing Regular Inspections - Check the different parts of your vehicle regularly to spot rust problems before they happen or worsen. You should even send it in for routine maintenance to keep it functioning well.

Having Your Vehicle Waxed Yearly - Wax not only makes your paint gleam and glow, but it also serves as a protective barrier against natural elements. It’s recommended that you have your car waxed at least twice a year.

Keeping the Interior Clean - The exterior isn’t the only place that gets rusty. A spilled drink inside your car can allow the liquid to seep through the floor mat and hit metal.

4. Retain Your Car’s Value

Your car’s aesthetic plays a significant role in its value. When you repair hail damage right after a storm, you can lessen the long-term impact of the dents and scratches. With this, you also increase the likelihood that you can sell your car in the future.


You must have your car’s hail damage repaired immediately so that you can take advantage of your insurance coverage. Bringing your vehicle to a repair service provider can also maintain its exterior, especially the paint, and prevent further problems through corrosion. These measures can help your car retain its resale value.