Selling a car yourself can be profitable and fast if you do your research. Learn how to sell a car privately with these 8 tips.

Are you having trouble trying to sell your vehicle?
Selling a car can be a hassle when you aren't sure how to close a deal. Many people don't spend much time preparing their vehicles for sale, causing them to lose out on money.

Fortunately, the internet has made it easier to sell cars. You'll need to spend time gathering things, cleaning your vehicle, and making an effective advertisement that catches the eye of a buyer. 

Read on to learn more about how to sell a car privately.

1. Have All Paperwork Ready
When you decide that you'd like to sell your car, you'll need a variety of documents before you can sell. Paperwork for selling a car consists of things like car titles, loan documents, and history reports.

Your car's title is necessary before you can make a legal sale. You'll use this to transfer ownership to a buyer. Loan documents are important if you're still making payments and want to transfer them to the buyer.

A vehicle history report will show the changes in ownership of your vehicle and the accidents it has experienced if any. The history report won't make or break a deal with many buyers, but some like to see what the vehicle has gone through. 

2. Set an Asking Price
Your asking price is one of the most things you'll do when selling a car. Your car should stand out from others and appeal to buyers that are looking for a deal. To see the prices that your car usually goes for in your area, you can check out Kelley Blue Book.

The goal here is to set your price a bit higher than the standard value so that you have room for negotiation. If your car typically goes for $3500, you can get away with listing it for around $3900.

Try to avoid listing your price above the nearest $1000 because it makes people feel as though they're getting a good deal. Also, many people set search limits when looking for a car. In this case, your vehicle wouldn't be seen if they set the limit for $4000 and your car is listed at $4100. 

3. Clean Your Car
After you've decided how much you want to list your car for, you'll need to start making it look good. You don't have to make major repairs, but you should clean the interior and exterior as much as possible. If there's a slight scratch, try getting rid of it to make it look more pleasing.

You should do all of this before taking photos of your vehicle so that people are more likely to follow through and contact you. Pay the most attention to the areas in which a buyer will approach your vehicle. For example, the driver's door and seat should be spotless. 

4. Make Effective Ads
Using good photos and a catchy title are the best ways to attract a buyer. With your clean vehicle, try to take photos from various angles of your vehicle on a sunny day. You'll want the best lighting so that your vehicle glimmers and looks attractive.

In your ads, list all of the details about your vehicle. The year, make, and model of your vehicle should be listed alongside the mileage and asking price. If there are any damaged parts, be sure to talk about those, as well. 

5. Try to Filter Callers
If your car is getting a lot of attention, you'll need to screen callers to avoid people that don't seem all in. Many people will call to ask about minor things and you'll never hear from them again.

Try to use a separate email account and phone number when selling your car. You don't have to buy a new phone because numerous apps will let you use alternate numbers. 

6. Decide Where You'll Meet Buyers
You must choose a safe location to meet buyers and show them your vehicle. It's best to meet at a local area to avoid giving away your address. You should always bring a friend with you when you're meeting someone.

If a buyer wants to test drive your vehicle, be sure to go with them. This will prevent them from stealing your vehicle or getting lost while driving in an unknown area.

7. Negotiate a Deal
The final and most important part of the process is to negotiate a deal. Because your asking price is set a bit higher than the market price, you'll have a chance to negotiate until you get an offer that you want.

Don't try to encourage a buyer to purchase your vehicle when they're test driving, you can do this when you're done. While negotiating, try to keep a price in your mind and always offer higher prices until the two of you reach that number.

If your goal is to get $3500, start by offering to sell it for $3900. They might offer lesser than your goal, so keep offering higher amounts and repeating yourself.

8. Sell to an Auto Company
If you're not having any lucking selling to a private buyer, you can choose to sell your car to an auto company. These companies will typically use your car for parts, resell it, or recycle it to make new parts.

These companies are easy to find because they'll usually have ads that say something like: "We buy junk cars Wichita KS." Use this option as a last resort because it's best for selling junk cars that aren't worth much.

Understand How to Sell a Car Privately
Learning how to sell a car privately is all about being smart with your words and making an offer that a buyer can't refuse. Try not to make your car seem too good to be true, but be honest and make it look as best as you can.

Selling a car privately can be done by getting the necessary paperwork and advertising it. To get the money that you want, be sure to negotiate until you reach your target price.

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