We have seen that in a blink of an eye, our daughters go from strolling on their bicycle to being behind the wheel. Driving is like a rite of passage to adulthood, and our daughters can’t wait to cruise over the town on their own. Though for parents, this milestone can bring panic attacks and sleepless nights. It all comes to play, especially if it is the first time that your teen daughter hits the road.
As a parent, you might find yourself a tad anxious when purchasing the first car for your teen daughter. There are a few things that you should keep in mind, which are detailed below:

Educate Your Daughter Before You Give the Keys
It is a no brainer that your teen daughter does not know well about all the traffic rules as a beginner. Even though it might sound like a regular affair, you are advised to be vigilant and observant while driving, especially when your teen daughter is in the car. It ensures that she understands the significance to abide by traffic rules. As a driver, she should know that it is vital to steer at the right speed, stay on the right lane, and stick to all the traffic signs. Similarly, advise her to eliminate all the driving distractions like talking or texting on the phone. All this won’t just keep her safe and secure but also maintain road safety. 

Let Her Learn and Practice Driving a Car First
Parents, no matter how long you have been driving, are not the best person to teach your teen daughter how to drive. You must consider sending your daughter to a renowned driving school in your vicinity where she can learn all about vehicle control, functions of the car, tips to follow the traffic rules, and much else. So, find the right driving school for your new teen driver to help her become a safe driver. The driving training programs there have lectures as well as practical driving sessions to help your daughter develop the right driving skills. 

Buy a Small-Sized Car 
Like everything else, the size of the car matters here too. We are not kidding! When you are planning to buy the first car for your teen daughter, you should go for a small-sized vehicle, rather than going for something like an SUV. There are a lot of options available in the market to select from. A small car will also fit in your usual budget. Plus, since your teen daughter has no such experience on the road, she can likely fall prey into unfamiliar hassles or accidents. To minimize the hefty bills, this is an apt option to go for.

Make Sure She Has a Valid License
Driving a car puts your teenage daughter in a spot of great opportunity and risk. Teens are notorious, and they are likely to make mistakes on the road like over speeding or rash driving. Make sure you make her understand the adversities of such irrational behavior. In any case, you should make sure that she has a valid license before she takes the wheels. 

Get a Good Car Insurance Policy
India has a high rate of accidents happening at every nook and corner. Though precautions are always better than prevention, you must keep a few things in mind when you buy your daughter her first car. The general idea that some parents miss out on is getting a car insurance policy. It will help if you opt for a car insurance policy from reputed companies like Tata AIG. They provide additional add-ons to maximize your benefits like depreciation reimbursement, daily allowance, roadside assistance, and the list goes on and on.

Owning a car is like a dream come true for any teen. If you keep the things cited above in your mind, you will stay assured your daughter is on the right learning curve to become a safe driver. Let her enjoy growing up and become a safe driver while doing so!