You’ve heard of performance exhaust systems, but did you know that they significantly benefit your vehicle and enhance its performance? Performance exhaust systems are major purchases, but the returns are far greater than the costs. Here’s what you need to know about performance exhausts systems and how they pay off over time. 

The Differences of Performance Exhaust Systems 
Upgrading your exhaust system can do wonders for your vehicle’s torque and horsepower. When vehicles are made, they come with crush-bend exhaust systems. With these types, the pipes are wrinkled and have surfaces whose texture resembles that of wavy potato chips. The wrinkles mean the diameter of the pipes is smaller, causing the gases to move through the combustion chambers at a slower pace. The end result is that the gases aren’t burned as quickly, so your vehicle has less power. 

However, the best performance exhaust systems are mandrel-bend types. The pipes are straight and don’t have wrinkled surfaces, so they have a larger diameter than those of the crush-bend systems. 

Consequently, the gases exit the combustion chambers faster, and your vehicle becomes more powerful. 
Another feature of performance exhaust systems is that they are made of either stainless steel or aluminized steel, compared to the mild steel factory-brand exhaust systems. Stainless and aluminized steel systems last much longer than ones made of mild steel, which means your vehicle will be more efficient and you’ll save money in the long run with a performance exhaust system. 

In addition to increased power and durability, performance exhaust systems are shiny and sophisticated and give the back end of your vehicle a sleek look. The entire systems, including the best exhaust mufflers, also produce thundering and roaring sounds, making it possible for any kind of vehicle to sound like a sports car. You can even get increased gas mileage from a performance exhaust system. A high-quality system helps the environment as well by filtering toxic pollutants from the emissions and preventing them from being released into the air. 

Additional Considerations
Before purchasing a performance exhaust system, there are a few other things to research. First, do thorough research and talk to an experienced technician about which performance exhaust system is right for your car. The following are different types of systems:


You can also choose from unfinished, black, chrome and ceramic-coated systems as well as ones with one or two exhaust exits. 

Once you know what style and type suits your vehicle, remember to thoroughly research prices, reviews and warranties. It’s easy to want to buy the first system you see, but a performance exhaust system is a big investment, and you want to ensure you get the most for your money. If you decide not to purchase a full performance exhaust system right now, it is still possible to give your vehicle a power boost when you buy one of the best catalytic converters

Improved Appearance and Function
Take your vehicle to a new level with a performance exhaust system. Call a technician to purchase yours today.