The dashcams, known as camcorders for car, are cameras that serve both for vehicle safety and for recording road videos, whether on trips, tours or for audiovisual works. These cameras need to have characteristics different from the technical specifications of conventional camcorders.

There are features that can make all the difference in the usability of a dashcam, such as image stabilization, night vision, rotation axis and other details that are not always present in cameras or smartphones. There are many Dashcams find you here AutoDoc, but before you go to buy a camera for the car, find out everything that can be useful to have on a dashcam with the tips below. This can help you choose an ideal camera model for your needs.

1. Image Stabilizer

Engaged in the windscreen or dashboard of vehicles, dashcams may result in blurry videos. After all, cars can go through different types of terrain, which can disrupt the quality of the footage. An interesting solution to this problem is to invest in a camera with image stabilization system, so the videos will look much less shaky. 

2. Sufficient storage

Whether for work, fun or for safety, your dashcam will need good storage capacity. Videos can be quite heavy files, especially movies recorded over long periods, which are usually the case with car cameras. Hence it is important to invest in a large storage dash - probably starting at 32 GB - and space for memory card. 

3. Night vision

Night vision is not an item present in all car cameras, but it is something that can be very useful for users regardless of purpose. To shoot the car and the surrounding environment at night or to document tours, the night vision lets you make the videos made at night with a much sharper definition than with cell phones, for example. 

4. Rotation axis

The axes of rotation allow greater mobility of the vehicular cameras. With this, consumers need not be stuck to just one position or point of view for the video. On dashcams, these shafts can be part of the body of the device or come as an option attachable to the camera body. 

5. High resolution videos

It is increasingly rare to find vehicular cameras that film in resolution below HD (720 x 1280 pixels). Still, when buying a dashcam, it's worth remembering that models with lower HD resolution may not deliver the best results, especially in dimly lit places. The good news is that there are cameras for cars in full HD resolution at affordable prices