These days, security is everyone’s biggest concern. Bullet proofing your car is one of the steps you can take in order to make yourself feel more secure, because it is the ultimate level of protection. There are a lot of companies nowadays that provide top notch service enabling you to making your car indestructible. So, if you feel that something like a bullet proof car will make you feel a lot safer than you already do, and you need that extra protection, continue reading! We will be telling you all about how professional companies will be giving your car an upgrade, step by step.

1. The doors and frame

The doors of the car are the easiest parts to bullet proof. This is because the doors will come off, and will given many more layers of metal so that they become impenetrable. Essentially, the doors will be acting as the bullet proof vest of your armoured car. Keep in mind, these companies are very particular when it comes to finishing and they will make sure the job is done from the inside so that it does not change the appearance of the car and make it stand out.

2. The engine

The engine is the most important part of the car that should be protected in any case, for instance a hail of bullets. Metal can only be so much resistant before it starts to get compromised. The professional company will focus on the bumper and strengthening it, this will enable the metal to be a lot stronger so that there is no room left to give. Moreover, the hood of the car will be given further metal panelling in order to prevent any kind of object penetrating it. 

3. The interior

In case of circumstances whereby the exterior of the car is compromised, measure must be taken to ensure that the ensure is still solid. For this purpose, there will be a permanent barrier that will be set up, in the back seat of the car. This is something similar to the vehicles that are used to transport prisoners to their cells. Moreover, an extra measure can be taken by having metal inserts between the cushions of the seats allowing the people to take refuge in case of any breakouts. 

4. The windows

The windows are the part of the car that need to be the strongest to withstand any kind of breakthrough attempts. Professional ballistic glass is inserted in the windows, which is essentially ordinary glass stacked up. These bullet proof glasses weigh more than 500 pounds. Nowadays, with technological advancement these glasses are also becoming increasingly clear so that you could look out.

After reading this article, you will have much clarity about wanting to bullet proof your car or not. It is something that will provide you close to perfect security giving you peace of mind whenever you are to travel.