Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey. These potholes, muddy roads, and rocky terrain are all inevitable parts of each long drive, but are we always prepared for them?

Here are five tips to prepare your car for a smooth long drive:

1. Gas Up!

To get from point A to point B, your car should have enough gas to sustain the journey ahead. Getting a full tank before a long trip would be advised to avoid running out of fuel in the most inconvenient time or place.

The type of fuel you’re injecting into your vehicle matters. Knowing the difference between premium and unleaded fuel and how they affect your vehicle’s performance is of personal choice, as both have their own makeup and efficiencies in different terrains or usage.

2. Do a Fluid Check

Fuel isn’t the only fluid that keeps your engine running; there are other important fluids that you have to take note of as well. For one, to keep your engine cool, you have to check the engine coolant before embarking on a long journey. Fluid levels will affect the temperature of the engines, and not enough of the coolant might cause unnecessary overheating.

Another example would be the clutch fluid, which assists the gear change for when you want to speed up or slow down. Without enough of this fluid, gear changes are made impossible. Other fluids to attend to such as brake fluid, engine fluid, etc. are also important for a smooth-working engine that won’t have many hiccups during a long drive.
3. Test the Brakes

Long drives will have its pauses and stop lights, and for these to go seamlessly, you have to make sure your brakes are working at its best. Check its fluids, the feel of when you step on its paddle, and how your car reacts to it. You may have a professional mechanic check this for you to be sure, but if you would like to check yourself, you may go on a short drive around your residence or on a short, unbusy street to catch a feel of when you use your brakes.

4. Check the Tires

Depending on the season and the terrain, the types of tires you need will vary. Always consider the type of wheel and how much pressure should be in them for a smooth ride. It should become a habit to check your rubber for some holes or tears.

When going through rocky or muddy terrain, fender flares for Dodge Ram 1500 will protect your car’s paint from the residue, especially when making big splashes. These fender flares are best used when you have a set of wide, big tires on your vehicle, especially trucks.

5. Prep an Emergency Kit

Hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. Not all long drives will go without a hitch, and when a slight misfortune decides to haul you aside, you have to be just as prepared.

Not all problems are caused by you or your car, sometimes the environment, other vehicles, or people will also be a factor, so preparing for these events will save you or someone else.

The handy tools and things to always have in your car are a reflective triangle, a basic tool kit for repair, some jumper cables, among many others.

These are just some tips to guide you, for preparation is key to have a delightful journey to each of your destinations. Putting everything in a checklist before going on a journey is also a helpful tip! Just follow these steps to ensure a smooth sailing ride, and you’re set for a journey of a thousand miles.