The Maruti Suzuki WagonR, fondly referred to as the “Tall Boy” has been smoothly sailing on Indian Streets since 1999, when the Japanese Suzuki Motor Corporation first introduced its Kei car technology in collaboration with the Indian Maruti Udyog. In the past two decades of being in vogue, the car has been through 3 generations and 7 different models. In this duration, the WagonR has proven itself as the best loved hatchback car in India.

Why is the WagonR such a favourite on Indian Streets?

The Suzuki Wagon R was designed in Japan in 1993 and categorized as a ‘Kei car’, which literally means the vehicle category, as specified by the Japanese government, for the smallest highway-legal passenger cars. Motor regulations for a kei car specify a maximum vehicle size, engine capacity of 660cc and power output, so that the kei car may enjoy both tax and insurance benefits, enjoyed by other cars. The WagonR in India provided all these benefits to its Indian buyers, who now had a powerful car for the price of a regular car, a fuel-efficient car that is safe and reliable for long runs across all its terrain.  

WagonR in India

The WagonR that was first introduced in India came with a petrol engine. The newest third-generation model improves upon the outgoing car in terms of space, features, performance and even practicality. This new Wagon R is available with two engine options with two transmission options each, spread across twelve variants. 

What makes the WagonR a Perfect Family Car?

From a widely increasing range of new hatchback cars releasing every year into the Indian Market, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR has maintained its wide-scale popularity for the past 20 years. This has happened because of some very visible pointers that makes it the perfect family car, a few of which has been listed below—


In India, prices mean everything when you consider buying a family car - the lesser price you get a good, safe and reliable car, the better. The main reason for the bewildering success of the WagonR is because of the startlingly low price range of approximately INR 4.19 - 5.69 lakhs. It is the most practical choice and it was evident right from the beginning, when the car was introduced in 1999, as the first-generation WagonR has had over 8 lakh customers.


The Maruti Suzuki WagonR comes with a very spacious passenger cabin with many extra storage places. The passenger cabin can comfortably accommodate 5 people which cannot be said about any other hatchback car in the league. The car’s rear end has an almost vertical hatchback that opens to provide a spacious boot (180 litres capacity to be precise) that is enough space for your entire luggage. What more do families require? 

Fuel Efficiency

Having already mentioned its origins as a Japanese Passenger car for highway runs, the WagonR has amazing fuel efficiency. It offers a mileage of 20.51 kmpl in petrol models. After the first generation the WagonR cars began to come with LPG and CNG fuel options instead of the regular model with a petrol engine. The latest 2019 model comes with a company fitted CNG system which makes it an ideal car for Indian families.


The “Tall Boy” true to its name, Maruti Suzuki WagonR is an exceptionally tall car. It provides its buyers an elevation that can only be enjoyed by SUV owners. Tall people who normally don’t fit or look odd in other cars because of their height find their ideal car in the WagonR. With suspension wheels and power steering this is great big boy for all types of Indian roads.

Low Maintenance

When buying a car, one of the greatest things to consider is how much it will cost to maintain it. WagonR is a very good and low-maintenance car and Indians love how it requires nearly none to minimum servicing and fine-tuning. With indestructible alloy wheels and tubeless tyres, the WagonR is India’s best hatchback car.

Comfortable city driving

With a very low turning radius, the WagonR is perfect hatchback car for busy Indian city roads for surfing through the heavy traffic during rush hour. The same feature also allows you to easily park your car into small empty spots, and lets you move out afterwards with just as much ease. With an inbuilt anti-theft central locking system, you are literally left with nothing to worry about the car! 

Considering everything described above, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR is a favorite among people of India as a family car for all purposes. From being low-maintenance and high performance, this car comes with a wide range of colors you will be able to choose from. The car comes with an integrated music system and manually controlled air conditioning. The WagonR comes with an effective electronic power steering (EPS) and standard powerful brakes that ensure the car and its passengers’ on-road safety.