Subwoofers are primarily to add more depth and bass to the music playing in the car. While searching for car subwoofers, the agenda is to buy something that could reproduce low frequencies. 

Irrespective of the kind of music you like, the subwoofers enhance the overall experience. Some music benefit more with subwoofers than the other type of music. 

The dancing numbers are better to listen with these additional speaker units. By merely adding subs, you can intensify the experience of music in the car. 

While these are some of the significant additions for the music lovers, people still have to go through a lot of trouble in finding the best car subwoofers. In this piece, we will discuss some of the essential tips on finding a suitable subwoofer.

There are some key factors to consider while purchasing subwoofers for the car. 

#1. Size

Many people have the misconception that the performance of a subwoofer does not depend on its size. However, this is just a fallacy. The size matters immensely. Bigger the subwoofer more will be the sound. Also, big subs are capable of producing better bass. 

Make sure you keep the element of size in your head while searching for the best subwoofers. One more thing that we can cover in this aspect is the space in the automotive. Now that you know that bigger subwoofers are better at performance, you would want to shop accordingly. 

However, the suitable thing would be to measure the size of the area where you plan to install the subs. It will help you in selecting the right size.  

#2. Choose According To The Features

Just like any other speaker product, a subwoofer has a lot of features to explore. Let’s take a look at some of the essential features that will help you in making right decision. 


So, power is among the first features that every buyer checks while looking for a suitable model. It depends on the kind of power that you require. For example, some people like big boom so they can pick high powered subwoofers

Power is rated in RMS rating. By this, you can get the idea around the kind of power that a speaker is capable of producing. One crucial thing is to check the compatibility of the subwoofer power with the vehicle output.


The subwoofer sensitivity is relatable to power. It is expressed with SPL number which means sound pressure level. Basically, it relates to the amount of power required by a sub to produce volume. 

The woofers with higher SPL ratings do not need more power. Similarly, subs with lower sensitivity will need more power. You will only require a sub with high sensitivity if the head unit of the system is underpowered. 


Impedance is among the most neglected features in subwoofers. People don’t understand the significance of this feature until they make a horrible yet completely irreversible mistake of buying poor quality subwoofers. 

You see, in an average subwoofer, the impedance that you can find is 4 ohms. However, you can also find 2 ohms and 8 ohms dual voice coil subs available in the market. 

On matching the subwoofer with the amplifier that describe the power and impedance of the sub, you can get the best out of your speakers. 


The sound quality also largely depends on the kind of enclosure in which the manufacturer has mounted the sub. The enclosures are available in 4 prime types:

Sealed Boxes: These boxes are capable of producing tight and accurate bass. You can find this technology quite useful. 
Ported Boxes: In this, there is a dedicated port built inside the enclosure. The efficiency of the system is greatly improved. These enclosures, produce better music while consuming less power. 
Bandpass Box: It is a hybrid model, means that it is partly like sealed box and partly like ported enclosure. The results that these enclosures produce is incredible. 
Free Air: Like its name suggest, the subs are attached without any enclosure. These are quite beneficial for the automobiles with limited space. Plus, they are easy to install also. 

You can pick the technology that suit your needs and aspirations from a subwoofer. 

#3. Installation & Placement

Lastly, you need to keenly consider the installation process which vary from product to product. If you will purchase the right size of the subwoofers, you will not have to come across any placement issues. 


You can give your car a perfect gift by incorporating subwoofers to it. Since these are available in overwhelming range in the market, hope our tips and instructions will help you in making the right purchase. 

Make sure to follow all the features that we have discussed above carefully. Each one holds major significance and contributes greatly towards the performance of the car subwoofers.