Renting a dumpster for disposing of your waste is a smart step, and every responsible individual and businessperson must take this step as and when required to get rid of waste in a proper way. There are a lot of benefits of renting a dumpster to get rid of waste. And by doing this you prove yourself to be responsible towards cleanliness and hygiene of your property, and the area you live in. But there are some things you must know and check while renting a dumpster so that your safety also do not get questioned anywhere in the process.

Protect your premises from rust

It’s the job and responsibility of the dumpster renting company to maintain the health of their dumpsters and bins. Dumpsters are made from metal, and normally iron or steel with anti-rust coating. But with time and use, wear and tear come, and the metal wears off. Naturally when a bin or dumpster gets old, it may rust at places. The rusted places may bring on stains of rust when they come in contact with water. Here again, water necessarily does not have to be spilled by you. But in a construction work site water is used, and also rainwater may come in too. Hence rust may stain places in your premise in an odd way which can make you feel bad. Sometimes the stain may get too strong and lasting to remove leading to aesthetic damage. Hence, you must check that the dumpster you are receiving from the rental service is painted well throughout. Normally painted dumpsters are not going to give off rust stains. Visit as they provide fully customized waste container service with 6-size choices and 3 affordable dumpster rental cost packages.

Avoid contamination by using clean dumpsters

Rubbish contains germs. Even rubbish from construction work also contains various germs. And if a dumpster is used at various places for various kinds of rubbish and not cleaned well after emptying, then it can be a big carrier of germs actually. Even if you are receiving a dumpster ina very unclean condition, beware that you possibly are inviting in health issues to your place. Therefore you should not accept a dumpster if it’s too unclean and messy. This may pollute the air and environment of your place merely through wind which touches the body of the dump bin and comes to you. It’s the responsibility of the rental service to clean their dumpsters periodically, and you can claim to get an apparently clean dumping bin.

Check the dumpster for visible damages on body

Check for damages in the body of the dumpster. There may be some parts of the body damaged. If the metal at some part of the dumpster body gets rusty and cracked, then it may have sharply pointed parts poking out that may bruise anything that brushes against it. Rusted creaky metal at some part of the bin may instantly crack or break when impacted by the hitting of the waste materials, or by the weight of the waste. And if any such thing happens while the dumpster is on your premises, then the blame may come on you to spoil the bin or bring damage to it. Why take such a headache and also chances of personal injury when you may get safe service by simply checking the dumpster while receiving it. Do check for such flaws in the bin as they leave it to your place for use.

Ask for drain plugs

Every dumpster has one or two drain holes, through which water may drain out. This helps drain off rainwater mainly. Sometimes chemicals or liquid you throw inside may also get out of the bin through the holes. Hence the holes are useful. But then again from the same way rodents, bugs, snakes, cats, etc. may get inside and bring unnecessary trouble for you. To avoid this, you can close the drain holes by using plugs on them. When you are sure that the dumping bin is resting on the dry ground, and that there are no chances of it getting wet by rain, then you can keep the drain holes closed by plugs. This will ensure that pests and animals cannot get inside the dumpster and hide inside the waste or create a mess. 

Ask your limitations

You may rent a dumpster from the most reputed services in your area like the Bin There Dump That Austin Dumpsters. But then also you will have some limitations about using it. Limitation on the number of days you may keep the bin on your premises, and limitation on how much you may fill, what to throw inside and what not, etc. are the things you need to know.

Ask for their advice

Ask the advice of the dumpster rental company about what sized and what type of dumpster you should hire for your project type. Dumpsters are of various designs and types. And among them, your service provider may have a few types to rent. You should, therefore, ask which one would be most suited for your work and hire accordingly.


Renting a dumpster is a great solution for waste management, and if you are bothered about the high volume of waste you are generating because of some reason, then you must get a dumpster to dispose of the waste in a proper way legally. The best part of renting a dumpster is that you simply pay for the service to forget all other hassles. They leave the dumpster to you, and again they carry it back when filled and when the time is over. And then the rest of the responsibility of disposing of the waste etc. is theirs. You need not take any permit or ask anybody about it. Only you have to inform your society or residential caretakers that you are going to get a dumpster for rental for a few days which would stay parked on your garage or driveway or some place in the society. That said, and you can enjoy hassle-free waste disposal in the safest legally right way, and feel satisfied with the organized management.