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Just imagine the wonderful impression it would create when people entered your beautiful looking car, spotless and clean in the inside as well! 

12 Tips and Tricks to Keeping your Car Clean Always

With the help of certain tried and tested hacks and tips, you can make your car, however old, look squeaky clean.

1. Wash at the Right Time

Refrain from washing your car under direct sunlight or when temperatures are very high. Extremely hot weather can cause water to evaporate quickly making grimy residues develop even before you can wipe them off. 

2. Use Toothpaste to Clean Your Headlights

Take some toothpaste on a sponge or rag and using circular motions, clean your headlights. Follow this step up by wiping away the paste with a light cloth. The result is crystal clear headlights. 

3. For Smudge-Free And Clean Wiper Blades, Use Rubbing Alcohol

You may have noticed that when you drive in the rain and after a while of turning on the windshield wipers, smears start to appear on your windshield or it appears blurry. This is an indication of dirty wiper blades. Rub your windshield wipers down with rubbing alcohol. 

4. Make Your Windows Clear With Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are a low-cost alternative to car wipes. Consider storing a pack of baby wipes in your glove compartment so you can use them whenever required to rub your car windows and windshield clean. 

5. Clean out Hidden Dust in your Air Vents with a Makeup Brush or Paint Brush

Switch off the air-conditioner before you start cleaning. Depending on whichever is available on hand, use a makeup brush or foam paintbrush (make sure it is clean before use!) to clean out any dust that has collected in the crevices. If you get a moldy odor after switching on the air-conditioner again, do additional cleaning with a disinfectant spray cleaner. 

6. Clean out the Not So Obvious Junk

Push your seats forward and you may suddenly see clutter and junk that you probably didn’t notice before. This could be scraps of paper, pens, maybe even a lost headphone. Empty all areas of your car interior of things that shouldn’t be there. 

7. Pet Hair? Just Squeegee it Out!

Just spray a little water where the pet hair is (don’t soak!). Run the squeegee over the area and notice how it carries all the hair along with it. 

8. Use Q-tips or a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach places

This is a great way to clear out all the dirt and dust from those bumps, crevices and grooves and other nooks and crannies. 

9. Use your Vacuum

Use your vacuum to clean all areas the nozzle will go to including the seats, door panels, door pockets, dashboard, console, beneath the trunk and pedals. Start vacuuming only after you have finished with all the dusting, from the air vents and other areas. 

10. Getting Rid Of Brake Dust Is As Easy As Using Cooking Spray 

If you’ve always struggled with getting rid of brake dust, this is just the solution for you. Simply spray a light coating of cooking spray. The brake dust becomes easy to wipe off and you get shiny wheels. 

11. Clean Mat And Seat Stains With Vinegar And Water

Take equal quantities of vinegar and water and put on stained areas. Allow the mixture to stay for a few minutes before blotting it up with a wet cloth. 

12. Make your Car Dazzle with a Lanolin-Containing Conditioner

After you’ve washed you car and you’re looking to give it a good shine, you just need a hair conditioner with lanolin in it to do the trick. Wipe down your car with the conditioner and then clean it off using a soft cloth. 

Did you ever imagine that you could clean your car with such easily available items as those described above? So clean away and be pleased with the outcomes.