The average age of vehicles on the road in the United States between 2017 to 2019 is 11.8 years old. That is an all-time high, up from the 10.8 years old of the previous five years. According to market research, this is because consumers are more cost-conscious than ever before. They are deciding to keep their existing vehicles running instead of trading them in for newer models.

Older Cars, More Maintenance

Unfortunately, market research has also revealed that along with these cost-cutting measures, drivers are also choosing to pinch every penny by postponing auto repairs and maintenance until something drastic happens. This is a false economy, because not only does it jeopardize the safety of the car, but of the driver as well.

The best way to save money during your car’s lifetime is to choose to use a high-quality, full-service auto and body repair shop. Allowing them to do a complete service for all the repair work and necessary maintenance your car needs helps prevent it from breaking down. It is the best way to address smaller repairs, so the bigger and more expensive ones aren’t waiting for you further down the line.

Tips On How To Get The Best Service For Your Car

Deciding to have your car serviced regularly is only half the battle. If you want to get the best car maintenance and value for money, there are specific criteria you'll want to address first. If you are looking for a five-star car service in Oregon, please contact Comfort Auto & Body Repair Portland.

1. Communication

It makes it much easier for your mechanic to diagnose what is the problem if you can describe it to them in detail. Try writing the issues your vehicle is having down before your visit. Itemize such things as how often it makes a noise, what motion seems off, and any leaks or smells. If the car has stopped running, try remembering what it did before the engine ceased. 

2. Be Realistic in Your Expectations

Plan to leave your car in the shop for at least a day. An auto and body repair shop is just like any other place of business that has appointments and queuing. You can make inquiries upfront about the possibility of a loaner car or transport to and from the garage.

3. Dirty Cars

The junk in the back of your car may be affecting its performance. Clear out any golf clubs, gym equipment, or tool kits out of the trunk before you take it in. It will be a nice courtesy to clean up any foodstuffs, etc.

4. Be Contactable

Your car repair shop needs to be able to contact you once you have left. If the mechanic is not able to phone you to approve a repair, it can lead to further delay. You will also be contacted when your car is ready for pick-up and to be told how much the final repair costs will be.

5. Leave it to the Experts

Every mechanic that completed the AutoMD survey said that they did a better job when they were left alone. You wouldn’t insist on hovering over a surgeon’s shoulder when he was operating, and a mechanic feels the same way. Have a coffee in the waiting room if you have decided to stay and wait for your car repairs to be finished.