Commercial driving license is the most important thing if you want to become a professional driver. It is very important if you are riding heavy vehicles or passenger bus. There are certain requirements for commercial driving license and the very first requirement is that you must have a non-commercial driving license. To drive within the state, you must be of 18 years. You have to qualify a written test in order to get the commercial driving license. 

Prior to the test you have to complete certain training and you are required to have commercial learning permit also abbreviated as CLP. In this you will get a permission to ride the commercial vehicles on the road with a person who has an experience and own a commercial driving license. 

Getting a CDL must be a big achievement for you. In order to achieve this, you must have good knowledge of driving. You must know about every sign rule that is used. To learn all of them you can take a glimpse of driver’s handbook. Practicing the test is the most important thing that one should do before appearing for the CDL exams. There are many test series online where you will get to know about the type of questions being asked in the exam. Different types of CDL licenses are Class A, Class B, and Class C depending upon the type of vehicle you will drive. You can check test series for Class A Test.

Types of Driving License

Class A 

Class A license is needed to drive the vehicle with the weight of twenty-six thousand pounds and the towed vehicle will be weighing greater than ten thousand pounds, all commercial trucks with trailers, tractors-trailers, flatbeds and the livestock carriers. All of these heavy commercial vehicles require Class A license. You need to practice for Class A test if you can ride them. Make sure you give proper care and attention on roads while learning with a professional. This will help you to become a professional driver.

Class B 

The class B license is required to drive the combination of vehicle with weight of twenty-six thousand pounds but the towed vehicle will be weighing less than ten thousand pounds. Straight trucks, large buses, segmented buses and the box trucks all come under class B license. You can take test for Class B if you are choosing to drive any of the vehicles described in Class B section. You can know the details about the test from the booklet which you can get from the regional office or you can download them.

Class C 

The class C license is required to drive single vehicle that are designed under transport 16. This license is required to cover the vehicles that have hazardous materials in it and are declared hazmat materials by the state government. It covers small passenger vans, Hazmat vehicles and all the other vehicles that are not covered in Class A and B.

It is suggested that you should take online test for CDL as it will help you to become familiar to the test environment.