Our great vast land necessitates cars. Our population centres are so widely dispersed that from state capital to state capital, hundreds of kilometres (thousands in the case of Perth) must be traversed. From the thunderous v8 Fords and Holden’s to the trusty little grocery-getting Toyota, Australia’s love for cars runs deep. 

Because of our rich car culture many brilliant vehicles were imported to Australia and for a wonderful period, some Aussie icons were manufactured right here on home soil. If you are in the market for car you have a plethora of potential vehicles waiting for you. Maybe you have already spotted you dream car? How about a car loan to help get you your perfect ride?

If you fancy something new with all the benefits of buying new, a secured personal loan could be available to you. If a new car is out of your budget or you just like the way, they used to make ‘em an unsecured loan can make it easier to finance an older model.

Buying A Used Car.

The used car market in Australia can be hit and miss. Whilst dealerships sell used cars, most used car sales will be private making research into the vehicle you are buying vital. A used car usually comes with question marks, yes, the service history might be there but there is no way to be certain your new purchase was a sound one. Getting finance for a used car is an easy process, depending on your credit rating. Because of the uncertain value of the car, lenders will not have any insurance if a loan repayment cannot be made. Insurance rates on a loan are usually much higher as too the maintenance and repairs. Whilst buying a used car seems risky it’s not all doom and gloom. Most cars will depreciate in value quickly meaning bargains can be had everywhere. It is possible to buy a car that will get you where you need to go for years for less than $2000. A luxurious Mercedes-Benz that cost the original owner $200000 can be yours a few years later for a tenth of that, buying used can be excellent value.

Buying A New Car.

Since their inception cars have been evolving. A stout and efficient engine, light chassis materials and a powerful computer running the show, all par for the course for a modern car. Plush sealed interiors coupled with advanced entertainment systems give today’s car almost unthinkable levels of luxury for the money. It’s easy to see why Aussies love that new car feeling. Buying a new car is an investment; your car will be an asset until it depreciates. Purchasing a shiny new ride gives you the opportunity to take a secured personal loan. The lender can use your new car (an asset) as a guarantee against the loan. It makes the lender confident you will pay them back, and it gives you a much lower repayment. Probably the biggest advantage to buying new is that often talked about warranty. Some manufactures also offer fixed price servicing, meaning your upkeep is cheap and predictable. Having the confidence your car will last is a huge draw and for many, well worth the ticket price.

Buying a car can be an immense amount of fun. On the other hand, if you get stuck with a lemon the joyous dream of car ownership can seem like hell. Do your research and consider your needs, wants (yes that is important) and of course your finances. A new car may seem like a steep proposition at first, consider the peace of mind knowing your new car won’t end up in your front yard smelling of burning oil and if it does, at least it’s under warranty! That’s got to be worth something.