From giving you the freedom to enjoy your ‘Golden Years’ on the road, to saving you money in delivery fees and moving expenses, a towbar is a sound investment for SUV vehicle drivers. Plus, when you’re towing a vehicle with your SUV the most important component is the towbar. In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of owning a towbar and show you why you need to install one on your SUV.

1. It gives you freedom to explore the country:
Having a towbar will make it easier for you to take those impromptu cross-country trips that last longer than you planned. All you have to do is pack up all your belongings in a trailer, connect it to your SUV with a towbar and let the wanderlust take you. No longer will you have to worry about renting out diving equipment or kayaks, because you’ll have everything you need with you. 

Attaching a towbar to the back of your SUV also means you’ll be able to take your boat out on a weekend excursion at the drop of a hat. You’ll no longer have to rent a boat when going on remote fishing excursions and you’ll have the space you need to bring all the fishing supplies that you want and need. 
This is just one of the many ways in which a towbar actually ends up paying or itself.

2. It makes traveling with the kids easier: 
You’ll also find that it’s easier to fit more stuff into your SUV when you have a towbar. This can come in handy if you’ve got a big family with kids that want to take along their toys like surf boards, bicycles and camping tents etc. 

And you can finally purchase that 12 person tent that comes with five sleeping bags and a propane stove with confidence knowing that it won’t be a mission to travel with it. 

3. It reduces moving expenses:
If you consider yourself a nomad that likes moving around a lot, having a towbar will save you a ton of money. You can just haul your furniture, appliances and other possessions to each new place that you travel to. 

4. It makes decluttering your home more affordable: 
Towbars are also useful for when you want to declutter your home. Whether you choose to donate your belongings to a charity, keep them in a storage trailer or drop them off at a landfill, you certainly won’t have to worry about hiring transport when you have a trailer.  

5. It makes for easier refurbishing:
Thinking of refurbishing your home? The delivery costs of transporting the appliances, furniture and flooring supplies that you need can significantly add to the expense. With a tow bar you can transport your own refurbishing supplies and save yourself a considerable amount of money. The same goes for the rubbish that will come out of the refurbishing process. You can now transport it on your own to the nearest landfill. 

6. It’s convenient: 
Modern towbars have all sorts of convenient features like self-aligning components that make for easy hook-up to the vehicle, boat or trailer that you’re hauling. 

Just make sure to look for a towbar with legs that can extend and collapse without needing a lot of elbow grease. These work on narrow and wide tow applications with ease, and require a once-off installation only. 

Pro tip! When looking for a new towbar for your SUV make sure to look at the quality of the product. The last thing you want is a towbar that’s made from inferior materials as it won’t perform as expected.  It may cost a little more than other models available on the market, but it’s a lifetime purchase that will serve a myriad of useful purposes and save you loads of money throughout its lifespan. 

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