Car radios are available in a wide range of prices. Some of them tend to be extremely cheap while others may go all the way up to $500. Purchasing a good model can cost you a bit but it can be worth the investment. 

However, there are hundreds of models available in the market. Given that car radio is an essential thing to be in a vehicle, most purchasers want to get their hands on a good car radio. You can visit platforms like player top to get an idea, nevertheless, here is how to choose a good model:

1. Type of radio

There are different kinds of car radios that can be fitted in the vehicle. This is the first and foremost factor to take into account before making your purchase. For instance, Internet radios can be accessed which comes with better sound quality and is relatively recent innovation in the market. Other types may entail battery powered radios and personal car radios. Consider pros and cons of different variations to make the right selection.

2. Price

As mentioned above, car radios come in different price range. However, price range is not determinative of its quality. Even though, more expensive car radios tend to be better in terms of sound quality and durability, all of them do not represent what it offers. Rather than relying on the price all alone, consider its quality and then make the selection. 

3. Features

This is the most important factor that every purchaser must take into account before buying car radios. Each car radio will have a different set of features. It is imperative to consider them in detail before making any purchase. Here is a list of features that may be considered:

Given the technological progression, car radios now come with Bluetooth feature as well. This feature can enhance the overall functionality of the system. Radios with Bluetooth can allow your phone to sync easily. In order to improve connectivity, consider getting a car radio with Bluetooth. 
Some car radios come with touch screen. This makes it easier to use with better functionality. This can be ideal for those who want to control the radio while driving. It makes it a lot easier to control the radio along with driving. 
Some digital car radios come with USB ports. It allows connection of other devices as well. The radio can also be used for charging mobile devices. 
Some radios allow the users to record their favorite shows. This might be something of attraction to a number of users. 

4. Customer reviews

In order to gain insights into practical experience of a customer, go through the reviews. This can help you compare different models and make the right decision. There are many websites and platforms which will allow you to view the customer reviews. Go through the pros and cons of each radio given in the review to get a better idea and make a well-informed decision.