For people who have a creative side to them, it is fun to create something that they love. It is therapeutic in its way. Most creative people work with crafts, paper, arts makeup, brushes, but only an automobile enthusiast can tell you how exciting it is to use your car as a creative canvas. There is another level of ecstatic feel that automobile lovers get when they play around with their golden beauties. Some people like to buy cars from older models and modify and upgrade them to their preference. 

Car modifications have taken the world by a storm during the last two decades. There are generally two types of modifications. One is the cosmetic modification that deals with changing the cars physical outlook, for example, tire rims, color, headlights, interior, and other aesthetics. You can contact companies that deal with cosmetic modifications for more information. However, some people are not much into cosmetic modifications but do focus on performance-oriented upgrades. 

When you get a car straight from the dealer, it is at its necessary.  However, you can get different parts upgraded that will not only enhance your vehicle's performance but will also improve your driving experience. While many modifications focus on physical beauty and have zero impact on the car's performance, here are some of the upgrades that are worth every penny that you have invested. 

The wheels majorly drive your overall driving experience so you better not compromise on them. Many people get excited by the cheaper priced tires. However, remember that good things do not come cheap. There is a stark difference in the experience that original high-quality tires provide and often even factory fitted tires cannot come close.  Invest in two separate set of tires for summers and winters especially if you use your car in harsh weather conditions such as extreme humidity, rain or snow. The right set of tires helps to enhance the performance of your acceleration and brakes to a great extent. 

Many drivers suffer from posture pains and other back and neck related issues because their back does not get the right kind of support especially during long drives. Uncomfortable seating spoils the overall driving experience no matter how great your vehicle is. If you feel your car seats are not up to the mark and are making your driving experience uncomfortable, by all means, upgrade them and invest in a comfortable race seat and harness. 

Although the suspension is not much of a problem in brand new cars, they do undergo wear and tear over a period. Suspensions with worn out rubber pieces might result in increased vibration and noise, which negatively affects the driving experience. If you feel your car is making noise or vibration during the drive, get your car's suspension checked and upgrade them if there are any wear and tear. 

Shock Absorber and Stiffer Springs  
The kind of shock absorbers that you would need usually depends on your driving style. However, cheaper shock absorbers deteriorate very rapidly if the road quality is not good or your drive is too fast or bumpy. Good quality springs and shock absorbers are expensive, but they go a long way.