Driving as a career may not be for everyone, but there are those who enjoy the challenge of operating a vehicle and make it a lifelong profession. There are countless jobs in the transportation industry. One of the most in-demand includes driving forklifts for a logistics facility. The task is straightforward and entails driving a truck, forklift, or any other transport equipment used in storing, stacking, and delivering goods. 

In logistics facilities, forklift drivers load, unload, and store products. They also move products within the storage facility, at a shipyard, airport, or depot. Depending on the nature of the job, some forklift drivers also have the additional task of packing and preparing goods for delivery to the consumer. Some general duties assigned to forklift drivers include:

Safe and secure loading of products and commodities onto pallets whether for shipment or storage. 
Driving a forklift to move pallets
Following the correct method of storing products inside the warehouse
Check and maintain if trucks and forklifts meet safety standards
Ensure that the work environment remains clean and tidy
Perform minor checks on products and note any damage that may compromise quality
A career in logistics falls in different categories and driving a forklift is only a minor aspect that completes the big picture. 

How do you know if it is the right career?

Forklift drivers undergo rigorous training to obtain the skills required for the job. If you are interested in working as a forklift driver and are looking for forklift truck training Sheffield has many service providers that offer standard courses so that potential drivers can get the required licensing and certification. 

In general, a job in logistics requires a person with excellent coordination and ability to estimate and work with varying heights, distances, and weights. You need to have the confidence to drive a forklift and perform well in a demanding environment while adhering to strict health and safety protocols. 

The career path of a forklift driver does not end there. Driving a forklift is only the entry point, and with enough experience, you can get a better paying job within the industry. For example, you can move on to become a construction plant operator or a light goods vehicle driver down the line. 

How to qualify as a forklift driver

Most companies hiring forklift drivers have varying requirements. Aside from the basic requirement which is your licence, you’ll need be able to converse in English and have some level of analytical skills. If you have any previous experience in the field, it will be an advantage when applying for a job. However, most companies provide training courses for their employees. 

The logistics industry is a fertile field for those who enjoy working in jobs that entail the storage, movement, and tracking of goods and services. It is a solid choice for those who have the skills and would like to obtain the necessary training to qualify for various jobs and functions within the extensive network of processes involved in logistics. 

Image: Unsplash.com