Buying a car, whether it’s used or brand new, is a significant event in your life. It should also be an exciting, pleasurable experience, even if you’re not a serious car enthusiast. It’s always nice to have something new that’s better than what you had previously, but with that newness, there will also be unfamiliarity. To get the best from your new car experience, you need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the vehicle and drive with care until you get used to it.

1. Necessary procedures in a new car
There are some necessary procedures you need to follow when getting behind the wheel of a car you’re not used to. You need to check the driving position and make any necessary adjustments to the seat and make sure the steering wheel is in the right position for your arms. You need to check the side and rear-view mirrors to make sure you have a clear view of what’s coming up behind you, and adjust them once your seat and steering wheel are in the right position. Then you need to check that you know where all the important switches are for the lights and washers. 

If you’re picking up a car of your own, you should go into these features in more depth. Check the manual to make sure you’ve used all the available adjustment features to position your seat and steering wheel correctly - you may, for example, have a lumbar support adjustment that you weren’t aware of. Then go through all the dials and switches, so you know what each one does and how it operates. A newer car is likely to come with features that you didn’t have on your old car, and you want to be able to use all your new gizmos so that you get the most from your driving experience.

2. Driving your new car
Once you’ve sorted your position and familiarized yourself with the car’s workings, you’re ready to head off. It shouldn’t take too long to get used to the way a new car handles, accelerates, and brakes, but it will depend to some extent on how different your new vehicle is to your old one. If you’re transferring from a small-engined compact to a powerful sports car, the difference will be remarkable! 

Don’t accelerate off the lot with burning tires and a screaming engine; drive carefully and get used to the differences in handling and performance with the new car. Watch your speed on the road, because it’s easy to lose track of how fast you’re going in a new car. Your brakes might be a lot more fierce, so have a go at braking when it’s safe, to get the feel of how hard you need to press the pedal. Take care going around corners too, because the handling capabilities of different cars can vary enormously. It’s always better to be cautious to begin and build up your confidence.

When you get home, check the rest of your manual for tips on maintenance and cleaning, and schedule your services into your calendar to make sure they get done on time. Now you can admire your shiny new automobile and know exactly how to drive it and care for it.