Some truck drivers who cover long distances often find truck driving very uncomfortable. This may be due to the discomforts they encounter during and after their lengthy driving sessions. If you're always sustaining discomforts while on the road and after your driving activity, it's possible that you're not incorporating some important tips into your job as a truck driver. 

Of course, your comfort level is as important as the bucks you earn for helping companies to transport goods, supplies and other items. In this regard, we have come up with some of the best tips to improve your comfort level while driving a truck. 
Stick to the Appropriate Sitting Posture
Your usual sitting posture while driving a truck can either improve or limit your comfort level during driving sessions. Whichever way you choose to sit while trucking, be sure your buttocks are not strained and that you're not feeling any pain in the neck and back.  

Spray the Steering Wheel and the Dashboard
As a truck driver who often covers long distances by driving for extended hours, you're likely to drive under hot conditions. Perhaps you're driving underneath the scorching sun of a hot day and it's very likely that the dashboard and the steering wheel of your truck are already heating up. Notwithstanding, you can still make your driving experience comfortable by spraying water mist over the steering wheel and the dashboard. 

Hang Your Newspaper
If you're an avid reader of newspapers and magazines, chances are that you'd love to pick up a few copies and read during your driving sessions. Of course, you can read your favorite newspaper and still drive comfortably. All you need is to get a very small hanger (probably the one for hanging pants); pin your newspaper to it and then attach the hanger to your rear view mirror.

Have Right Truck Parts And Accessories
There are truck parts and accessories that can make your driving more comfortable. Say for example, the steering wheel you have right now may not be as comfortable. You may want to have one of the custom truck steering wheels for better comfort. Having a semi-exhaust can solve the problem of noise pollution by keeping the noise level low in your driving area. One the other hand, a semi bumper can lessen the impact of an accident on the truck and save you from serious injuries.  

Stick to a Healthy Diet
Sticking to a suitable diet is one of the ways you can have a constant comfort level while driving trucks. As a sedentary job, truck driving will make you sit for many hours and if you'll be required to work more regularly, you should be prepared to sit more. 

Being seated for too many hours can have an undesirable effect on your health but to prevent this, health experts recommend that you maintain a healthy diet. Not only will this improve your health, it will also help you eliminate certain discomforts while driving a truck. 

Excess intake of carbohydrates will cause your body to accumulate fats or cholesterol and this can hamper your driving comfort especially if you don't do sports regularly. Advisably, stick to an appropriate diet that should give you a comfortable driving experience.
Keep the Windows Wound up
Some truck drivers wind their windows down completely to facilitate the entry of fresh air into their trucks. This can be a good idea but again, you may have to wind up the windows if you're feeling uncomfortable due to the dust, dirt or other particle mixing up with the air coming from outside your truck. 

Do Some On-the-Road Exercises
Shoulder shrugging, squeezing the gluteal muscles and raising the toes are some of the isometric contractions you should do to improve your comfort level during long-distance journeys. Within a single driving session, you can repeat these exercises 8 times simply to prevent leg cramps, shoulder tensions, numbness of the bottom and several other discomforts. 

Drink with a Straw
Finally, if the need arises to take some beverage while driving in a hot weather, the canned option is most suitable. This way, you can avoid spilling the content of the can. Moreover, using a straw while drinking from a can is more comfortable for drivers and makes it doesn’t impede on visibility.