A car breakdown can happen to anyone; this, in turn, becomes very frustrating if you are on your way to work or far away from a workshop. However, such incidents can easily be avoided if the necessary and regular maintenance of the vehicle is carried out. This care in return allows the car owner to predict serious problems; small signals or signs of damage are often always there, although not easy to spot. Sadly, most times we often do not notice such issues until they cause a more severe breakdown.

Why Good Maintenance Is Important
The importance of proper maintenance not only lies in avoiding breakdowns but also, it is vital for the owner’s safety and third parties since a vehicle in poor condition can cause an accident.

Many people only tend to focus on fixing the cosmetic damage of their car, however, even if an old vehicle with the paint chipped off is not visually pleasing, at least it is not unsafe. But in contrast, a car that is experiencing an oil leak can pose a more severe problem on the road both the driver and others.

Depending on the manufacturer, a maintenance checklist for an extensive inspection can range from 30 to 40 points - from checking the windscreen wiper blade to checking the power steering fluid to replacing the cabin air filter. Some of the work mentioned may be considered unnecessary by some motorists, but they are certainly important and must be taken seriously. 

Indeed there are some points on the checklist that you can quickly check yourself at home, such as changing the motor oil; by purchasing of products from websites such as Peak Auto, this can be done with ease. However, the need of a professional car mechanic is always important.

What Does A Car Inspection Involve?
The primary inspection is only to determine if your car is roadworthy. It is required by law and mandatory if you want to drive a car. The check, on the other hand, carries out work that will extend the life of your vehicle and prevent defects. Although the inspection is usually not cheap, you save in the long run.

Examples of such work are: checking the tire pressure or filling the windscreen washer system. If you manage these things in advance, you can save money at the workshop visit. Of course, you have to inform the mechanic about it. For most maintenance, however, it should be done by a professional. They will have the necessary tools and experience to carry out all the work of inspection in accordance with the regulations.

Missing or inadequate maintenance can lead to increased fuel consumption, loss of performance or even damage to the engine. The prices for the necessary inspections vary considerably depending on whether a comprehensive inspection (with extended maintenance) or a little inspection is due.

When a car needs to be serviced, the recommendations of the car makers differ depending on the model and engine. Failure to change in time can result in significant consequential damage, It is, therefore, it is important to be aware of the most common car faults and check your car often.

With a regularly maintained vehicle, you are on the safe side; although damage can never be ruled out, the danger is significantly reduced. If you always have the service done on time, you also avoid the risk that after an accident your insurance will not pay due to defects in the car.