In order for the equipment to function in the best way possible for long a duration, it needs to be handled properly and needs to be installed in a professional manner. If you are not sure how to do it yourself then it is best to get someone who is an expert in the area. Trying to do it yourself without the proper knowledge might end up in damaging the whole system and your money would go to waste. 

If you do not know anyone who is an expert then you might be considering it yourself. If this is the option that you are going with then there is nothing to worry about as we are here to guide you through the whole process. You will need to set aside a good 40 minutes or so for the whole procedure to reach completion. 

Step 1 

The first thing that you should do is to break the connection of the negative battery cable by disconnecting it. This is so that if the wrench or anything metallic touches the battery cable, you wouldn’t get the electric shock, neither would there be any sparks or any other type of damage.  Take extra care while disconnecting the cable so that it doesn’t plug back itself. 

Step 2

The ease or the difficulty in removing the various components depends on the design of your car’s dashboard. The basic structure remains the same. There will be some screws, a flip set or flat head, and maybe a socket. You will have to remove all of this then the task is very simple. All you will have to do is to pull out the set of radio and disconnect the wires that are connected to it including the antenna and the harnesses. 

Step 3 

Hopefully, the size of the new head unit is similar to that of the old one. The specifications need to match. If you opt for installing a Single DIN unit in place of a Double DIN one then it will be harder to do, so it is recommended that for your Double DIN unit, you install a Double DIN headset only. 

Now comes the most sensitive part, which is where you connect all the wires. In order to make the whole task easier, it is recommended that you use a wire harness. If you don’t use a harness then you would have to manually plug each wire, if you placed one of the many wires incorrectly then the system wouldn’t work, which can be frustrating. 

Having tools like butt connectors and wire crimper would also be helpful especially if the stereo is an aftermarket one. Heat shrinking and soldering is recommended when you connect the wires to the harness. This would help the wires to stay put. 


Make sure that you test the system before you wire it all up so that you won’t have to reopen everything if you realize that it is not working after wiring it up. If something doesn’t sound right then you might try changing the settings to see if it is fixable or whether it is a wire-related problem.  Some of the best Double DIN head units 2018 could be found on the market.