If you've got an old RV that's been sitting around gathering dust for a while, you might be thinking of selling it. There are a few simple tips you can follow to get the job done more easily — and to get more money for your vehicle. Even if you don't want to sell your RV, some of these tips can help you give it a nice makeover and bring it into the 21st century.

Spruce up the interiors

Even though your vehicle might be mechanically sound, one of the biggest ways your RV can show its age is when someone looks inside. It might drive well, but if it's got a load of old 90s bedding and curtains, it's going to look and feel really old. So change the interiors. You don't have to spend much, just some simple touches can do a lot.

Replace things like shower curtains, carpets and bedding. Think about a new rug, or some art to hang on the wall. Think outside the box and give the interiors of your van a new lease of life.

Fix the smell

Another thing that's going to make your RV seem really old is the smell, so fix it with some incense or air freshener. You can get a nice modern dispenser or plug incense — stay away from candle types as you don't really want an open flame in your RV. Some smells are more stubborn than others, but if you address the problem properly, you should be able to fix it.

Get an RV cover

Not only will an RV cover improve the value of your vehicle when you try and sell it, it'll help keep it clean and secure so that it doesn't age as much. A good RV cover will protect it from adverse weather conditions and help keep the exteriors looking new for as long as possible, making it keep its value for longer. You can do a bit more research if you're looking for detailed information about covers for your RV.

Advertise in the right places

One of the most important ways to sell your vehicle quickly is to make sure as many potential buyers as possible see it. After you've made sure it's looking great inside and out, and have checked all the mechanics, you'll want to make sure it's advertised in the right places.

While you will want to list it online — it would be foolish not to — don't just stop there. List in local magazines and newspapers as well. If you can, park the RV somewhere that gets a lot of passing traffic so as many people see it as possible. Another thing not to forget — put visible signs up on the vehicle so any passers-by know it's for sale. Take it to an RV car park if you can, so more of the right people might see it and want to buy it, or know somebody who does.