In the past, the kayak can only accommodate a single person and he could sail only in calm water. With the advancement of technology in these days, there are several different kinds of kayaks available to choose from and also have highly contributed to the popularity of kayaking. 

Now, the lists of kayak roof racks are available in different designs and you can buy it based on your preference. Still, these kayak roof hacks have remained a useful as well as a popular kayaking tool. Probably, the fundamental features of kayak roof hacks are bars and towers. Usually, the towers are short and powerful vertical poles attached to a car, whereas the bars run from one tower to another tower. Here, the bars are easily attached to the car and can be simply adjusted based on your needs.

Generally, the kayak roof hacks are of two types such as,

Those made for particular cars
Those that fits any car

So, it is advisable to get the best one that specifically made for your car. But, if it is not available, the sales person can recommend the perfect one for you. On the other hand, you should also make sure to check that it suits for your kayak perfectly. The attachments such as cradles, paddle locks or storage box also come with a roof rack now. In order to prevent any stress or damages, you should basically carry the kayaks in the upright position around edges. When it comes to choosing the appropriate bars for your car, make sure that your car is well equipped with the side rails. You should also require the roof racks, which are specifically designed to be fitted to the factory rails. Even some cars can be built within past ten years, so they have a set of tracks fitted to the roof. These allow the roof bars to be built-in as well as slid to utmost any specific location on a roof.

How to choose the best kayak roof rack?

The kayak transportation is something a huge part of being into the kayaking. Normally, everyone has own opinion about what works well for car topping a kayak and why. In reality, selecting the best kayak roof rack has always been an exclusive attempt. The best car topping system for your kayak is valuable each cent. Hope, the kayak system is always charging minimal rate than the usual ones. Whatever the type of kayak roof rack system you choose; these seven fundamental components are common that include:
The kayak
The towers
The bars
Your car
Straps and lines
Cushions, pads, rollers, saddles, etc. 

Things to consider before buying the kayak roof rack

Commonly, the roof racks are also called roof bars or cross bars. The items you can hold on roof racks are only restricted by the weight of goods. Although, you can carry all types of things such as bags, luggage boxes, kayaks, camping, canoes, fishing gear, snowboards, skies and also ladders and more. When it comes to selecting the right kayak roof racks, there are several options available to select from. Before buying this kayak roof rack, you must consider the following lists of things in your mind that include:

Height makes a big difference
Types of roof
The number of kayaks you will hold
Flat and wide car roof
Short and rounded car roof
Pickup trucks
Other factors 

Top lists of kayak roof racks
For paddlers, the kayak roof racks are a basic essential component. This is because; most of the vehicles do not have a room for kayak that could be simply ten plus feet long. By simply using the best kayak roof rack for your car, you can easily transport your kayak as safer and easier as possible. Even some of the trucks can select to look for the extra kayak storage while required to hold the additional gear in a bed of the truck. If you look for the most popular kayak roof racks to purchase, below is the top list of kayak roof racks 2018 that include:

Thule Hullavator pro carrier 

This kayak roof rack is unique as well as helpful. It will surely alter the way you load your kayaks, surf boards and SUPs. This rack will expand over the side of a car, where they can fall in a place and allow you place the boat on as well as strap it in position at hip-height. However, it is an excellent option for those who are tired of lifting the heavy kayaks on the top of a car. 

Yakima Jay Low folding J-cradle rooftop kayak rack

One of the amazing features of this type of kayak rack is J-style roof racks at affordable prices. This would make a Yakima Jay Low kayak rack a most popular as well as on a top ranking list of kayak roof racks for cars. The entire appearance of this rack is well done as well as refined. The straps are complimented with stern and bow tie downs. It will fits for any shape or size roof rack without any hassles. 
Malone handirack inflatable universal roof rack

This universal roof rack is specially designed to simple fix for your standard passenger car. They are inflatable and make this rack a more convenient option for keeping in a trunk. This rack usually straps via the interior of a car and also keeps them just close to the doors. Also, the stern and bow straps are needed, so make sure the kayak is fully safe on these racks. 

The kayak wing- Sea kayak rack

This kayak wing will only supports up to 30 inches wide. If you are a sea kayak user, this one is a good choice for you. When you combined with stern and bow straps, this fast kayak roof should be well sufficient. 

Sport track adjustable kayak carrier 
This type of kayak roof rack is simplistic and also do work ultimately well as well as very cheaper too. It can be easily adjusted to any width and size of kayak you have.