If you’re the owner of a 2017 or newer Ford Fusion, F-150, or any of the other vehicles that are supported by My Ford Pass, you may be wondering what exactly you can do with this app – and why you should use it. In this article, we’re going to go over just a few of the most powerful features of My Ford Pass, and discuss some of the reasons that you should be making full use of this powerful iOS and Android application! Let’s get started. 

1. Preferred Dealer Settings And Service Scheduling

One of the best features of My Ford Pass is the automatic service scheduling feature. By entering information about your Ford vehicle and selecting the dealer nearest to you, the application can automatically schedule vehicle servicing, based on mileage, factory maintenance recommendations, and other factors.

Your appointments will be automatically scheduled, with the option to move them if you need to come in on a different date. Then, you’ll get regular service reminders when it’s time to go in for tire rotations, oil changes, and other basic maintenance tasks – allowing you to keep your Ford in great shape – worry-free! 

2. Vehicle Controls And Service History Access

Your full vehicle service history is logged in the Ford Pass application, so you can always see what tasks have been done to your car – and which ones are coming up.

You also can control your vehicle if it is equipped with Ford SYNC. You can do things like lock and unlock your car without the keys, check the fuel level, and run a basic vehicle health report with Ford SYNC, all from the Ford Pass application. This keeps you in control of the condition of your car – and you’ll never have to worry about accidentally locking your keys in your vehicle, ever again!

3. FordPass Parking 

Nobody likes looking for parking when they’re in an unfamiliar city or neighborhood – and with FordPass parking, you don’t have to. FordPass parking and Ford Wallet allow you to view parking spaces at your destination, and pre-pay – allowing you to quickly find parking, worry-free. 

No more cruising around for a meter, or attempting to find a parking garage with a high enough clearance for your F-150. Just find a parking spot, reserve it, pay with Ford Wallet, and you’re good to go – it’s just that simple.

4. Roadside Assistance With FordGuides

FordGuides is a team of customer service representatives dedicated to helping Ford My Pass users get the help they need in both day-to-day life, and emergency situations. You can think of it as Ford’s answer to services such as OnStar.

In case of an emergency, FordGuides can be contacted to dispatch roadside assistance – from dead batteries to blown tires or more serious issues, they’ll help you get towing or vehicle repair services.

They can also help you find parking, local Ford dealerships, and other services that make your Ford ownership experience more streamlined and pleasant.

5. Make Payments With Ford Financial Services

The My Ford Pass application allows for mobile payments and automated scheduling for payments via Ford Financial Services. You can check on your amount due, schedule payments, modify your payments, more – all from the mobile application.

This means that you don’t need to worry about sending monthly checks, or checking your email inbox for payment reminders. Everything you need to know about your Ford Financial Services payment plan is integrated into your app – streamlining the ownership experience.

Use My Ford Pass Today – Enjoy The Perks Of Ford Ownership! 

If you have questions about Ford Pass or the vehicles in which the service is available, visit the Ford Pass FAQ website. You’re sure to learn everything you need to know – and you’ll be able to take full advantages of all of the perks offered by Ford ownership!