Having a car to take you around is a good thing. It helps you to get to your job easily and to attend your child's class meeting or even get to that soccer game since public transport can be a big hassle. That is why car maintenance should be a mandatory practice if you do not want your car to be breaking up on you in the middle of nowhere miles away from a mechanic. 

All these problems could have been avoided by doing some routines on your car. Just remember if you ever got into an accident where your car was badly dented, you can tow your car up to Panel Beaters Brisbane, and we will restore your can to its original good shape.

In this article, I am going to show you five maintenance practices that you can do to ensure that your car's good shape is always maintained. These practices are easy to carry out and you will not need that expensive visit to the mechanic to fix them.

1. Always Check Tire Pressure Regularly.

Always checking your car pressure is a very good tip to ensure your car tires are well-maintained and always-in good health. Tires are always crucial in ensuring that the car chassis is in good shape so it is always advisable to ensure that your tires are adequately inflated. The pressure should not be too much or too little. Each car has its own recommended car pressure level so be sure to read the car manual or the striker at the car door. You are advised to always check your car pressure at least once in two weeks. Remember not to overinflate your car as it can cause tire bursts. This practice is helpful in the overall performance of your car hence keeping it in shape.

2. Ensure to Check Out Your Air Filter.

An air filter is crucial in maintaining your engine and its overall performance. An engine requires clean air in order to run efficiently. Air is needed for internal combustion, which causes the engine to run. The air in the environment is a much-polluted one consisting of pollen, fur, dirt and many other substances. If any of these substances reach the combustion gauge, internal combustion will not be as efficient or might even not take place at all. You certainly do not want this and that is why it is advisable to ensure that your air filter is working properly.

An air filter ensures that none of these particles and only clean air passes through to the engine. Your air filter should always be replaced after about every 12000 miles. This will increase engine efficiency and make sure your engine lasts longer.

3. Always Check Your Oil Level.

There is nothing that can come as easy as checking your oil level. Oil to a car is like blood to human beings. Checking it often should be task a car owner should embrace as it will save your irregular car breakdown reducing your expensive visit to the mechanic and prolong your engine's durability. Oil helps in lubricating your engines moving parts hence reducing friction, which in turn causes wear and tear. It also traps small particles preventing contamination thereby keeping your engine clean.
Oil level checks should be carried out at every other fill-ups. To carry out an oil check, you need to have a dipstick. Some new cars come with electronic oil checkers so be sure to check your car manual first. Park the car in a level ground. Deep the dipstick into its tube and check the level. You are now good to go. 

4. Wash Your Car Often.

This is a practice one should not be reminded to carry out but it is a very essential just like the above mentioned. Washing a car is not only for one's personal cleanliness but it also ensure your paint lasts longer. The environment if filled with lots of compounds i.e. acids, which coagulate with the dirt on your car, and they might slowly eat away at your car's paint without your knowledge. You are therefore advised to wash your car once in a week to rid of this harmful dirt thereby prolonging your car's paint.

5. Rotate Your Tires.

Rotation of tires is one practice that not only saves your tires but also improves your overall car performance. Rotation of tires should be done every 5000-10000 miles. This practice will ensure that the wear on the tires is uniform ensuring a very comfortable ride. Also with this practice in place, you will be sure that you will not be replacing the rear tires all the time if your car is a rear wheel drive.

The above practices are easily doable and if done as specified you will be certain to have a healthy looking car and enjoy riding around. They cost very less compared to often taking your car to the mechanic and will reduce the stress of car breakdowns. Happy riding to you all.