Squeegee blades are one of the best items that can be used to clean trucks and cars. The reason behind its popularity is that they do not remove or scratch the coat or color of the car unlike other products that are used for cleaning. There is no reason behind avoiding this item for usage. In fact it is irrational not to use it given the wide range of benefits. 

Given its popularity, manufacturers have come up with a variety of options for purchasers to choose from. Here are the best car squeegee:

1. Original T-bar silicone water blade

This is an effective wiper that is amazing to use for small cars, windows and flat surfaces. What makes it one of the best option is that it doesn’t scratch at all when using on all sorts of surfaces. This is because it is produced out of soft blade from silicone. The customer feedback for this squeegee is positive as well making it an ideal selection for those who are often in the need to clean their cars.

2. Chemical guys quick drying wiper

This is a water drying blade that is even used for commercial purposes and popular amongst professionals. It has been designed specifically for users to wipe out each and every bit of water that comes your way after car has been washed. What makes it a unique option is the material being used. Rubber material works perfectly on any kind of surface bringing back your car into its original form. 

3. The original California car duster

This is an original form of dryer which is one of the most economical options that can be purchased. It is a combination of ultimate flexibility and usability. It features a modern engineered V-blade that can be used for amazing drying. What makes it unique is that it operates like a windshield wiper. It works in a highly efficient manner and serves much better than most of the squeegees. It is a must purchase for car owners. 

4. California car duster

This is a modern jelly blade that comes in red color only. It features and engineered blade that offers the best drying and operates similar to windshield wiper. It is extremely user-friendly and ensures that the surface is dried in an optimal manner. It is much better in performance compared to other towels when wiping the car. However, there a lot of similarities in this duster and the abovementioned wiper. Choose either one of them wisely. 

5. Superflex water blade

This is a silicone blade with a length of 12 inches. It has been designed with a highly flexible handle that can operate on any type of surface. It has a soft silicone blade that will not create scratches because it has the ability to reduce friction. After using it, you will realize how it can perfectly dry the car after it has been washed. Purchase it if you want one of the best options in the market.