The one thing that defines a car accident is that there is no such thing as “common.” When it comes to vehicle accidents, they can range from a simple fender bender to a deadly collision. Last year alone there were over five million car accidents reported in the US, and they continue to top the list of personal injury cases in courts. Although accidents vary in severity and type of injuries sustained, some common injuries occur due to the automobile’s mechanics.

According to the NHSA, over 35000 people were killed in 2015, which is up almost 7% from the year before. The cost of automobile accidents is estimated at more than $277 million per year. Those who aren’t killed in accidents can sustain injuries that forever alter their lives, potentially leading to a downward spiral of poverty and lowered socioeconomic status if they are not medically covered through insurance.

The most common types of automobile injuries

Back Injuries

One of the most common types of injuries sustained in a car accident is back injuries. They can range in severity from whiplash to complete or partial paralysis of the legs, arms and other extremities. In some cases the symptoms show immediately and are acute, while in other cases, when they are long-term and chronic. 

The biggest problem with back injuries is that they often don’t surface until well after the accident, and if they aren’t medically addressed immediately, they can fly under the radar and not be identified or traceable to the accident. In some instances, a back injury can lead to spinal damage, disc herniation or even muscle damage or weakness in the arms and legs.

Neck Injuries

Just like back injuries, there are all sorts of repercussions that can result when you are injured in the spinal cord area. Some people can suffer from everything from whiplash to vocal cord paralysis -- injuries which can be life-altering and change your ability to function in your normal capacity. The jerking movement of any accident can cause damage to the vertebrae and soft tissue of both, the back and neck, which can take years to become problematic.

Arm, Foot, and Leg Injuries

Several limb injuries can result from a car accident. They can be as minimal as minor bruises, sprains and cuts, or be severe enough that there is a loss of limb or other extremities. Although not as common in automobile accidents, other motor vehicle crashes (like on a motorcycle) can result in very serious limb injuries that can lead to long-term disability.

Chest Injuries

Often, one of the hardest types of injuries to detect are chest injuries. They result from the sheer force of the collision. Chest injuries can come in the form of broken ribs, internal bleeding and sometimes collapsed lungs. That can lead to permanent damage to internal organs and  could potentially lead to cardiac arrest during a car crash, especially in patients who are predisposed to heart conditions.

Emotional Injuries

Sometimes one of the most difficult to both diagnose and treat are the emotional injuries that can follow a car collision. Things like PTSD are more common than people know. The problem is that many people involved in car collisions aren’t aware of their emotional scars and don’t seek the help they need immediately. Even worse, they don't relate their emotional injuries to the car accident itself. 

Car accidents can cause things like depression, especially for a survivor if other passengers didn’t make it, and anxiety that can make it difficult for the person to function as they did prior to the accident.

The most critical part of any car accident for the victim is not to underestimate the consequences of it. Often, people don’t seek the treatment that they need immediately. Once the damage is found, it may be far in the future and they have no recourse to recover for injuries. That is why it is imperative to seek medical treatment immediately instead of just assuming that you are okay. You never know what injuries might be lurking underneath the surface.

Some injuries are easier to recover from than others. That is why documentation and writing things down is so important following a car accident. It is an excellent idea to hire a car accident lawyer in Baltimore, just in case. If something should arise in the future, you want to ensure that you have the proper proof you will need to receive fair compensation.