Despite the ongoing uncertainty created by Brexit, the automotive market in the UK is performing surprisingly well. 

Even the sale of new cars has increased recently, after 12 consecutive months of decline that began last year. This, when allied with consistently solid used car sales, highlights the incredibly robust nature of the marketplace and offers hope for businesses in a post-Brexit climate.

From a consumer perspective, the growth of this market has also created a huge number of dealerships from which they can potentially purchase cars from. So, whether you're buying a new or a used car, you’ll need to keep the following points in mind when selecting a reputable dealership:

1. Does the Dealer have a Wide Range of Choice?

Let's start with the basic issue of availability, as this is crucial when buying a new or used vehicle from a dealership. 

In simple terms, if a dealership's stock is limited, so too will your range of choice relating to precise makes and models. Sure, most dealers can order in specific vehicles at your request, but this is a lengthy process with a number of moving and potentially complex parts.

So, the logical approach is to prioritise dealers that have the widest and most diverse range of choice, as this will increase your chances of finding the car that you desire.

2. Does the Dealer have Motor Trade Insurance?

It's also important that you deal with a reputable dealership, as otherwise you may put your safety and hard-earned money at risk.

More specifically, you should prioritise dealerships that offer motor trade insurance as part of the service that they provide. This product should be taken out by any business that sells, handles or repairs automotive vehicles and serves to safeguard products and individual transactions.

Make no mistake; if you're dealing with a certified dealer that is protected by motor trade insurance, you can rest assured that your investment is going to be safeguarded.

3. Does the Dealer Offer Competitive Price Points?

We finish with price, which is arguably one of the most important factors for anyone purchasing a new or used car.

After all, anyone buying a vehicle is likely to be constrained by a fixed financial budget, so identifying dealerships that offer the best and most competitive prices enables them to achieve more for their investment.

So, it’s crucial that you compare the market and determine the most competitive deals prior to making a final decision or purchase.