The city car market is one which is fiercely competitive and there are many automo-biles that enter the market only to be quickly forgotten, whilst there are a few which manage to make a statement and remain key players in the market. One of the newest models to do this is the excellent new C1 from Citroen.

The C1
The French manufacturer has been making the C1 since June 2005 and it has always a popular city car, but now it has been taken to the next level and must be considered by anyone looking for a car from this market. So, what is so great about the new Citroen C1that it should not be forgotten?

It offers great flexibility so there is a type and trim for every type of motorist. It is available in both 3 and 5-door hatchbacks each with different specifications but all offering decent interior space in a compact design. The range of trim levels mean that you are sure to find a style that suits you with a wide range of equipment available, including reversing cameras, Bluetooth hands-free, a 7-inch touchscreen with Mirror screen, keyless entry and start and much more.

The C1 also features a fun, eye-catching design with dynamic lines and visual conti-nuity between the windscreen and side windows, chrome-finish weatherstrips and 15-inch alloy wheels. There are 8 bold body colours to choose from and it is also availa-ble with bi-tone roof colours for a contrasting look which is sure to turn heads. There is also a soft-top version that allows you to out down the top for an enjoyable driving experience during the warmer months.

Its compact size makes it ideal for city usage where you can easily nip in and out of traffic and park in the tightest of spots, but it is also well-designed and robust enough to perform well on the motorway or on country roads. It sips fuel and has impressive-ly low emissions which help to keep costs down and will appeal to eco-conscious drivers.

Overall, the new C1 is one which will remain a favourite in the city car market for a long time to come. The cool styling and range of trim levels will appeal to a wide range of motorists, plus it manages to tick all of the boxes that you require from this type of car whilst retaining a fun driving experience.