All of us drivers take road markings for granted, we see them everywhere, and most of us instinctively obey the road markings, as every driver should. Keep left, Slow Down, Junction, and many, many more are all prominently displayed, and here’s the strange thing, no matter the weather or the volume of traffic, the road markings are always clearly visible and look as they did when first created. 

Have you ever wondered how these essential markings are laid? You might have seen a man dressed in fluorescent orange walking behind a small wheelbarrow type object, and this would be the line marker.

1. Promote Proper Parking – If ever you are unlucky enough to use a parking area with no lines, then you’ll understand why lines need to be used. Studies show us that almost double the number of cars can be accommodated on a car park with lines, than without. We are lazy in our parking manners and when we parked badly, the place was empty, yet 30 minutes later, closer to school kick- out time, there are cars everywhere, and our clever piece of parking took 3 slots! If you have a customer car park, you obviously want to get the most out of the space, and with excellent line marking in Melbourne, you can create something that is both functional and visually appealing.

2. Retroreflective Paint – Using tiny glass beads, the reflective properties of the paint are doubled, and that’s why we see those yellow and white lines so clearly, especially at night. An awful lot of time and research has been spent on developing a paint that gives everything, and this new technology, coupled with innovative application methods, has revolutionised the line marking industry. Let’s face it, the line marker is never given a thought, yet they work tirelessly in the background to provide safe driving surfaces for all of us.

3. Pigments and UV Stabilisers – In case you’re wondering just how these coloured inscriptions manage to stay so visible, it is due to the very high quality pigments in the paint, and UV stabilisers are added to prevent fading from sunlight, which it is always exposed to. There are a few specialist companies who you can call if you need a car park lined, and they are also responsible for the many other markings you might need, such as zebra crossing, disabled, reservation slots, to name but a few. 

4. Work to the Client’s Schedule – If you own a busy car park and would like to have it lined, the contractor would actually carry out the work in the middle of the night, ensuring that the next day, your customers will have an attractive set of lines to guide them. If you are in need of line marking services, a Google search would bring up a list of contractors, and by using someone local, the work can soon be completed. The line marking company would issue a very comprehensive warranty on all of their work, which give you peace of mind, and with the very best products and skilled application, the new lining will certainly make the place more attractive, not to mention the extra number of cars you can accommodate.

This small group of dedicated people work at odd times (and in all weather) to ensure that our road surfaces are as safe as they can be, and next time you’re out and about, pay particular attention to the line markings, and you’ll realise just how important they are.